One Day Builds

Armor and Swords

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Knight Lighter Restoration!

Adam is well known for his love of armor, so he couldn't resist picking up this vintage miniature suit of armor--that also happen to be a working lighter! The condition that Adam bought it in is in dire need of repair and care, so today's build is a teardown of this mini suit to bring back its luster and get its fire feature working again!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Iron Man Mark I Helmet!

Continuing his work on his Iron Man Mark I armor costume, Adam turns his focus to the helmet. The helmet that came with the costume is painted resin, but needs a new paint metallic paint job for better screen accuracy. It's a multi-stage application to give it a brilliant chrome finish which is then taken down with some oil paint weathering. Adam also builds out the inside of the helmet to line it with leather and make it not only wearable, but also functional with a flip-up face visor!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: How To Build a $5 Sword!

This week's build is actually a how-to project! Adam's had the idea for making a wooden sword out of just five dollars of materials since his theater shop days, and shows you the step by step process of building this inexpensive but satisfying prop.

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Hero Sword Rack!

Adam pushes his woodworking comfort zone a little bit with today's build: a sword rack for his home office to display his favorite hero and replica swords from his collection! The design of this sword rack is framed around one of Adam's favorite movie posters to give it a unqiue presentation. Let's see which of Adam's swords make the cut for this display piece!

Adam Savage's King Arthur Armor Build: Epilogue

Adam puts on the full King Arthur armor and visits a local tavern in this short film directed by Terry English! Adam's dream is realized! Thanks so much for following along this build with us. If you want to see more build series like this, let us know in the comments!