One Day Build Commentary: Blade Runner Blaster Box!

In this Tested Patron exclusive, Adam sits down to watch and comment on his very first One Day Build, the Blade Runner Blaster Box. Watching it for the first time in SEVEN YEARS, Adam reveals how the ODB series originated, exclaims over the many changes he’s made to his shop since 2013, and provides many other insights into this build and the techniques he was using at the time. As Adam says, it’s almost like attending a reunion!

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9 thoughts on “One Day Build Commentary: Blade Runner Blaster Box!


    I’m searching everywhere for a ‘JOIN’ button but there isn’t one here or anywhere on the YouTube channel

  2. The button shows up for me, should be right next to the Subscribe-button both on the channel and next to the description of the videos themselves. It is a white button with blue text and outline.

  3. I remember this. This is such a blast from the past. Watching it being made again, I want to make one for myself. I have another gun from a different movie I’m going to use instead. This is giving me all kinds of ideas and things to add to the case. I like this “director’s commentary” style video. It’s good to see content here again. Keep up the good work everyone. You are all an inspiration to keep going.

  4. I have that same Craftsman cabinet table saw. I love it! I do drool over a good powermatic PM66 though.
    I took some pages from you and built it into a whole tool cart thing that houses all tablesaw tools, and accessories right at hand.

  5. That was a great trip down memory lane. This was among the first Tested videos that I watched. I’d found my way to it via the video of Norm interviewing Harrison Krix. I had a look round the channels videos and was like, “Oh, there’s Adam from Mythbusters. What’s he doing here?” I quickly devoured the early Cave videos, including this one. I was stunned that I could watch this high quality content for free just about making stuff, and that it was presented in such an open and friendly manner. I didn’t watch much YT back then, and broadcast TV rarely provided anything on this subject presented in this manner. It was definitely a gateway drug into the YT maker community. Good times. Thanks for the memories and I’m looking forward to more ODB commentaries.

    It was cool to hear Adam talking about the convex mirror (I don’t think it’s been mentioned before, no?). I always assumed it was meant to be a replica of the mirror in Leon’s photos in Blade Runner, but I always wondered why it was broken.

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