Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Custom Pistol Whip Controller!

Adam can’t get enough of the VR game Pistol Whip (aka leg day for working out in VR) and builds a custom machined aluminum mount for his Oculus Quest controller to add some heft to the gameplay. It’s also a chance for Adam to apply acid etching to metal, and Adam enlists Jen Schacter’s help in cutting out the vinyl mask for that process.

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7 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Custom Pistol Whip Controller!

  1. I’m curious about the electrical tape brand used in this video. I’ve never heard electrical tape tear with that sound. Is it fibered, like a duct tape?

  2. i felt that moment where adam has to stare for a moment to make sure he has it right that the covered parts are indeed covered and the exposed parts get etched.

    that’s where you become simultaneously aware of two things: 1) this is a completely trivial problem and 2) i am becoming increasingly more confused by it. a humbling (and funny) combination of thoughts to hold in one’s head.

  3. Electroetch and it’ll bite in a lot faster so you don’t have to worry about the adhesive on the vinyl failing on fine detail anywhere near as much. The chemistry’s less caustic, too.

  4. Awesome build! Haha The brayer…. Adam, you’d get a kick out of the ones we have at work. You think that one is janky? Oh, man. One of ours looks like it’s from Mad Max…. Thick metal wire handle with duct tape and plastic wrap (if I recall – have been working from home so long!) for a grip. Super-77 all over the dang thing. Squeaks like Maggie’s toy…. haha Always worried about staff infection from that handle…. But, it has character! Also, Maggie at the end watching the Pistol Whipping…. Or figuring it out….

  5. When Adam said that the slide was heavy, I immediately wondered if it was heavy like a S&W/Glock/H&K or like a Hi Point. Probably the former since he liked the feel. For those that don’t know, Hi Point is a budget friendly semi automatic pistol manufacturer. Because they use a blow back system instead of a recoil system for cycling the action the slide is heavier than on the other manufacturers. There is a purpose to it, but it really makes it feel clunky and throws off the ergonomics.

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