Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Kit-Bashing and Scratch-Building!

Adam goes back to his roots as a spaceship modelmaker in this week’s build, using scratch-building and kit-bashing to make a scale model inspired by a piece of art by the legendary Jean “Moebius” Giraud. Along the way, Adam shares many tips for working with styrene to give miniatures detail that really shines on screen.

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39 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Kit-Bashing and Scratch-Building!

  1. You know when a kid sees something awesome, and says “I want to do that when I grow up” I just had that feeling, watching this scratch build… that is with out a doubt the coolest build I have seen

  2. Adam channeling his inner “Bob Ross” just brings this one day build to a whole new level. I’m not sure if I enjoy “Kid in a Candy Store” Adam or Adam “Bob Ross” Savage better.

  3. That is my favorite one day build video. Love when you make boxes, but this is the best. I have to try that now. Hope I can find styren in Denmark.

  4.   if you live near Copenhagen, there is a shop on Grundtvigsvej Frederiksberg that sells styrene, it’s called Stoppel Hobby

  5. Definitely prefer the longer builds, where we see nearly every step…addition and mistake. Youtube edits and fuller length subscriber edits?

    Great one…once again.

  6. Thank you so much, seeing you scratch build/kitbash like this is what iv been dying to see since the first day i saw the tested website and the one day builds! iv been tinkering away at a scratch build kitbash project here and there and wow do you make it look easy. i will keep resubscribing just so you can keep making great videos like this. I would love to see extended clip like you making the chairs or how it looks like you switched to super glue for the detailing and many other details you glossed over perhaps because shorter videos with highlights may keep the public’s attention better but i think many of your viewers would like extended clips. either way im more then happy to see these types of builds. one thing i have some difficulties with is scratch building complex rounded and curved shapes..

    side note:

    I bought the cosmonaut kits and watched your video of painting one of them a few times and took notes, i noticed you liked to use oils and lacquer paints alot and was wondering if that is something more reminiscent of older modelers and if find more people in the bizz are starting to use acrylic paints more?

    I am also hesitating starting the kit because its so nice and cost a good bit (at least for me) so id like to make molds of the pieces first, witch seems like could be a donting task. i know youve made molds before on tested and iv found the info useful but im not sure if youve shown how to make molds of smaller complex models yet?

    your fan

    Spike Spiegel

  7. Thanks so much for doing this Adam,it is just the type of encouragement I need and your detailed procedures and information was first class.

    I have British model railways that could use a few styrene models and I have plans to design and build a spaceship so your timing is impeccable.

    I am hoping you will plan to do similar projects and I am sure you will receive s great deal of interest on this subject.

    Thanks for doing and sharing this, I must watch it again.


  8. Did you heat the styrene to bend it on the curved end? how does styrene work with shaped leather working punches like making various sized circles for greeblies? How would you control melt it for “Blaster Damage”? Say a person wanted to make a old fashion Airplane model from an old classic pin and cut blueprint for display without the doped paper covering the superstructure, would you suggest doing it in balsa or styrene for longevity and strength , or would you suggest another material?

  9. Adam definitely broke out the Universal Greebly on an earlier build here on Tested. Just can’t remember which. Anybody know the one?

  10. There was a video called ‘The Universal Greblie (or Greebly?!)’ where he talked about, but didn’t actually use it – could that be the one you’re thinking of? Strange how Adam didn’t recall, but maybe this one day build video was made before the other one…

  11. That must be the one I’m thinking of. If I had as many demands on my time as Adam does I’d be lucky to remember my own name! Maybe this video was recorded prior to that other one, as you said.

  12. This is one of my favourite Adam Savage / Tested videos.

    This video has abundant tips and tricks for model making and kitbashing — he’s putting years of his experience on show.

    And, you’ve gotta love the brilliant art of Moebius!

    Most of all, though, Adam’s at his most creative and his sense of glee is infections.

  13. Great ” One Day Build “. While I’m watching the video ,I went to ebay and bought the Anzio Annie. I think I’ll mold all the parts . By the way , curious as to what Norm was working on , Share with us Norm.

  14. At one point Adam commented on how you could see the difference that the pieces that he had added made. At that point, no I couldn’t because the camera was pretty much showing a field of white where he was talking about. Later, from different angles, and especially once the gray primer went on and knocked down the reflection it was much more apparent.

  15. Great build – Nice to get back to basics. Lots of good tips – some new, some I forgot about. I would love to see much more scratch building.

  16. To any of you who are on this fun journey with me. This is the second time Adam mentioned the Anzo Annie. I ordered one off Ebay after the first time he mentioned it but when i finally got it the previous owner was nice enough to have removed half the parts….Just missing, and the other half, including the Universal Greeblie were all glued badly to a attempt at building the model..( I am not bitter) But i had also ordered the Leopold in the same scale and i am here as a ray of sunshine to say that in my limited knowledge the U.G. seems to be the same. Same size and same dome shaped piece. There are also parts that Adam used for this build that are right there untouched on the Leopold. My plan, which i believe i heard from Adam or someone here….We will say it was Adam, was to Make a silicon mold of the pieces so when ever i have a bit of resin left from a pour i can whip up a batch of these little beauties and never have to use the source material. Thank you Adam for sharing your experience with us. I think i speak for a lot of us, we are listening and taking notes.

  17. Leopold and Anzio Annie are both the same k5 railroad gun. The actual gun is now in Virginia after spending most of it’s life at the Aberdeen Proving ground’s museum.

    The Hasegawa kit is still available, but expensive. A distributer lists it at $60.00 Us. I suspect that RR guns are not exactly best sellers and repops are infrequent. If you didn’t want to spend the buck for the rr gun, you could make your own UG from styrene and mold that. The UG is just the bearing cover for the rail gun. You could make a bowled shape in sheet styrene, add some little squares and if you want to go really crazy you could use some nut bolt washer castings from model railroading or just some pieces of wire or styrene rod. you make one and then make a mold.

  18. I think I could happily watch the entire 7 hours of this build. Thank you Adam & Tested.

    …patiently waiting for part 2 (paint & weathering) to be shot, edited and uploaded….

  19. I think I could happily watch the entire 7 hours of this build. Thank you Adam & Tested.

    It would be so awesome if there was a longer more or less uncut version up for premium users on all these build videos 🙂

  20. One of the most valuable things I ever learned about working with plastic (styrene) models was to WASH all the parts before attempting any assembly. I would wash all parts several times before removing them from the “trees.” I then utilized gloves when touching parts. The reason I did this was to remove all parting films remaining on the parts and to avoid leaving fingerprints on my models. It was most apparent when painting the models by brush or air. This simple “trick” improved the appearance of the model tremendously and was the difference between amateur and modelmaker.

  21. Adam, I watch this video over and over, as well as your other kitbashing vids. I have to thank you. I’ve gotten back into minifig fantasy painting and am enjoying it again. You reinspired me.

  22. Syringes w/ glue tips are excellent for dispensing styrene solvent for welding. Especially in areas that are going to be exposed. It allows you to control the placement of the solvent very precisely, and end up with a very clean weld. I spent many years in an Architectural model building shop and that is what we used to great success.

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