Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Overengineered Bottle Opener with Laura Kampf!

The amazing Laura Kampf visits Adam’s workshop for a new One Day Build collaboration! Their plan: design and build an overengineered bottle opener that can slam the cap off of a standard glass soda bottle. After much trial and error, behold the Kampf bottle opener!

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40 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Overengineered Bottle Opener with Laura Kampf!

  1. glad to see simone back in the shop and working on projects, especially while your working on a project like this one because its an over engineered thing that seems like one of her crazy little projects.

  2. I love that Simone just seems to be hanging around nearby doing her own thing presumably. Also I’m so glad you got it working. I was a bit apprehensive in the beginning that it’s just going to be crates of broken bottlenecks. It looks like you ended up rounding the pointy bit to mimic the roundness of another cork.

  3. This is so awesome! You guys really nailed that perfect ‘POP’ sound and it looks incredible. I need to make one of these for myself now!

  4. Wow this is so great. Have been waiting for this to drop since Laura said in a vlog she visited you guys!

    Also: How about doing a 24-style timer in one of the faster one day builds like this one?

  5. This is an amazing one day build, makes me want to make something similar.

    Please do more of these kinds of builds, i love the problem solving aspect to this.

    Laura is also amazing as always 😉

  6. That last montage part with the joyful music is just plain amazing and deeply satisfactory.
    Loved this episode. Well done!
    And the machine looks great indeed!

  7. What a fun, interesting project. As soon as you guys discovered that the “opener” may impact the bottle, I thought maybe instead of the linear rail being at an angle to the bottle, that the pivot point could be closer to the bottle, and once in position, the rail would be PARALLEL to the bottle, driving the cap straight upward instead of at an angle, toward the bottle.

  8. Love this! Someone commented on Twitter recently that it would be fun to see a “junkyard wars” style one day build. Laura, Simone, and Adam would be amazing for that type of format I think. Regardless, this is fantastic content.

  9. Curious. If Adam doesn’t read the comments, and he says he doesn’t, who’s reading these besides other than other posters? People leave suggestions here but if no one at tested reads them…

  10. Curious. If Adam doesn’t read the comments, and he says he doesn’t, who’s reading these besides other than other posters? People leave suggestions here but if no one at tested reads them…

    Adam doesn’t read Youtube comments. He has mentioned he DOES read the comments. Its a “safe” environment.

  11. Two Comments.

    1) Really enjoyed listening to the thought process of creating this and how the two of you went off to work on parts of it and then come back to (re)assess and assemble.

    2) Just an idea, I think Laura and Adam (and other TESTED makers) should think about putting together an Etsy-type page of everyday overengineered products. Why have everyday products when you can have everyday overengineered products? Adam or Laura in the role of Ron Popeil. I nominate either an overengineered back scratcher or a fly/mosquito swatter as the next product. Simone has produced an overengineered vegetable chopper (in regular and large sizes) and with Adam, the popcorn dispenser for the ultimate couch potato.

  12. I would love to see some plans for this. I love how this works, and Laura is right, it makes the PERFECT sound when opening.

  13. What’s a ‘English’ measurement? Is Adam really using that as short hand for imperial measurements, implying a ‘English vs rest of the world’ view?

    Man I always had him pegged as one of the smart ones who was adopting the logical metric system….

    Re: above poster – you mean that imperial and metric marked tools aren’t the norm everywhere? In Australia you’d be hard pressed to find a tape that wasn’t marked (at least for the first foot) in both metric and imperial.

  14. The English system and Imperial system are NOT the same. “English” is the standard term for inches, ft, etc in the U.S..

    The English did not come up with the Imperial system until after the U.S. became an independent country. Before that the “new world” and England both used the “English” system. There was no reason for the U.S. to adopt England’s new Imperial system after becoming independent.

  15. During my work in the Engineering/Design and Production world we worked with both the English and the Metric systems. I unequivocally state that using one system or the other does not make you smarter or more precise in the work that you do. The “smart” people use one system well, but have an ability to easily convert, in their mind, to their own system if presented with the other.

    I believe the “idea” that the metric system is “better” came from those who were taught fractional numbers and all the problems that that inherently has. They then discovered the decimal metric and their problems were solved.

    In my world, we deal with the English decimal system to: 3, 4 and sometimes more decimal places. The fractional system is left to the carpenters. All our drawings and papers have duel dimensions.

  16. They have soda in Germany? All I drank was beer! lol

    Well the plaque does say “Get Hammered” after all.

  17. I just watched this with my teenage daughter. Thanks for helping me show her that Engineering can be super fun (this is one of the reasons I’m a member here), and that it’s not all math and brain sweat. Totally enjoyed watching this!!!

  18. the only thing that’s commonly available dual-marked here (germany) are tape measures for sewing, because that’s the highest probability field where you’d ever come across anything in inches. everything else is pure SI because nobody uses imperial units. people literally have zero relation to inches, feet, yards, pounds as anything else than an archaic shortcut for 500 g, degrees fahrenheit, gallons, etc.

  19. Always nice to see these collaboration videos, though I have to admit it sort of made me cringe a bit to see Laura use that large of a Forstner bit without properly clamping the object down. Forstner bits can be moody and will bite down hard if you’re not careful. I half expected to see broken fingers…

    That being said – cant wait to see what they will dream up next, and what catchy name dear Simone will conjure up.

    Oh and by the way: Välkommen tillbaka, Simone!

  20. The best part about this might be that you could pretty easily reverse engineer this and have your very own “Kampf-Savage Get Hammered” to love and cherish.

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