Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: EDC TWO Bag!

Adam’s latest one day build is a very personal project: making a custom version of his new EDC TWO bag using the patterns he’s putting out into the world. Marcos from Mafia bags stops by to guide Adam through some of the intricacies of sewing sailcloth and giving the bag a distinct look! (Patterns available at

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  1. Awesome 🙂 maybe that is the project that gets me back into sowing…. Btw. do you plan to release digital files for those of us overseas ?

  2. So it looks like Adam mounted the pattern onto some type of card stock to increase the durability and re-usability of the pattern. Around the 5:45 mark Adam mentions that the card stock has a bias for folding in one direction vs the other. This is due to the grain of the stock. Fibers in paper pulp line up somewhat as they go through a series of rollers during the paper making process. Paper will tear straighter along the grain and more jagged against it. Same goes for folding, it will fold better along the grain than against. You can sometimes tell the grain of a stock just by looking at it, depending on the size of the fibers. When the grain runs with the long edge of the stock it is called Long-grain Stock and when it runs with the short it is known as Short-grain. There are exceptions to this of course – hand-made paper and such where there is no pattern to the fibers.

    When working with card stock it is a good practice to lightly score along your fold marks, especially when folding against the grain. Just use a straight edge and something blunt – like the edge of a butter knife or a worn flat-head screwdriver. I use this whenever proofing templates on card stock for things like CD ecopaks or other packaging.

    Thanks for indulging my tangent.

  3. Wow, this is an awesome business philosophy …. I might actually be able to get an EDC!

    Also, you mentioned new products, please include the notebook I seriously love my Savage Industries notebook I got in the quarterly box and would buy more!

  4. So, one thing that I like about my EDC1 is the branded Savage Industries badge on the front. Would love to see some sort of maker patch that we could affix to the DIY version that gives it some sort of “this is an official MAFIA x Savage Industries DIY/maker community project” patch in the same style as the ones that will be attached to the official product.

  5. Am curious if Mafia Bag builders work assembly line style specializing in different parts of the construction or each one builds an entire bag at a time?

    Got one of their backpacks for my daughter after seeing the first video here, picked one out that happen to have the same colors, or pretty close, as our local football team

  6. Hmm…. I have a sewing machine, but not sure it’s powerful enough for something like this but wouldn’t hurt to try.

    I am thinking instead of “buying” large sheets of heavy fabric, I would go to my local thrift store and look for old cheap “heavy” clothing to cut apart to make this. All the parts wouldn’t even have to match. The tricky part would be the zipper. Zipper would be easy enough to find on old jackets, clothing or an old zippered bag in a thrift shop, not sure if I could get lucky enough to find TWO identical zippers but I am thinking don’t need the double closure, just use one closure. I also have an old ugly, not used much anymore old cheap as heck zipper bag with double zipper closures I could steal from. Would be fun to find some old clothes, or jackets to make a “new” bag from.

  7. Considering how much Adam has talked about papercraft and cardboard, I’m surprised he wasn’t aware of grain direction of machine made paper. I’m a printer and bookbinder, and have had to special order papers to get the right grain for books with unusual formats. For anything that needs gluing with a wet glue, it is critical to be aware of the grain, and to cross grains if possible (alternating long and short grains is how plywood becomes so rigid and strong, and you can use the same process to get very rigid laminated cardstock).

    This is also a big deal when printing large format posters. To get cheaper shipping, you want the grain to run along the shorter side, to make it easier to roll into a shorter tube. This is the opposite to most wholesale paper stock, so if you don’t plan on trimming, you might need to order custom cut sheets.

    Also, if you are scoring paper/card often, I suggest investing in a bone-scorer. They are like $5 and its worth it IMO, especially if you’re working with sensitive materials that might get damaged by a metal tool.

  8. I actually brought an old main sail when I heard the plans were being released. Only issue now is the plans cost $75 Australian shipped! I’ll pay it if I have to but surely a download is easier!

  9. My Mum (a professional seamstress) would freak out at me if I cut parts out in the middle of a huge beautiful piece of material like that. She would “Always say use one edge! so you can save the rest for another job”. Ha ha ha

  10. Purchased both patterns and have some black leather that may work. The style reminds me of a carpetbag. It might be fun to make one using an old carpet.

  11. That’s brilliant. Lots of MakerSpaces are doing the badges as a credential for completion of a project or course. I met many of these organizations at The Nation of Makers NOMCON.

  12. says the patterns are licensed with Sharealike… which means that anyone who got the pattern could scan and share it, right? Could there be a download option somewhere to ‘skip the middleman’ of that?

    When Tested first introduced Mafia Bags, i loved their upcycling route. And then not long after I came across a craigslist post for 4 free windsurfing sails (with some mouse-chew damage), which i snatched up. Had already planned to make some bags for gifts, aiming to do some sort of Messenger-style bag… but maybe one of these EDC designs would be nice, too…

  13. I believe Derek was asking for one that is specific to the DIY ones made from the patterns, though. 🙂

  14. I’m a former press operator and graphic designer myself. I do only the occasional freelance these days, but I’ll definitely keep an eye out for a bone folder… or better yet, carve one myself!

  15. For those commenting about the cost of shipping, Adam is aware and has Tweeted about it. It has to do with insuring the contents mainly of the bags. Stay tuned; he’s working on it!

  16. Does anyone know approximately how much fabric this will take? Ordered the plans for v2 and this is my next weekend project. 🙂

  17. Lol. I’ll have to confess to using the washable glue stick from my 3D printer bed to hold the seams in place to sew them – if I just use pins I get pucker and such. anybody else use spray starch on the washed used cloth they’re recycling?

  18. Use basting tape for sailcloth/sewing. It’ll hold the seams in place and help with waterproofing the holes a bit.

  19. that was my first thought as well – redistributing the pattern in a different format (digital) should still be legal under the license.

    imho, the best option would be to have whatever source files there are on gitlab or github, alongside a readme and the license. that way, there would be an interface for making derivatives (forking), and also a way to reintegrate community work into the main repository (pull requests/merge requests). like people converting the plans into different formats. svg, laser cutter files, whatever ends up being useful to someone.

  20. What is the fate of this bag specifically? Adam mentioned perhaps auctioning it off, Id be interested for sure. Great Video, thanks everyone at Tested for awesome work and great content.


  21. I got an update from the staff at today saying that they had added a lower price shipping option and I’ve since placed my edc one patern order. Still a bit steep perhaps but it’s obviously a USPS issue.

  22. This is great! I love that the plans are being released so everyone can make their own bag! And I love the star and stripe design they pulled from that sail. Fantastic work Adam!

    A few tips and tricks I want to mention for anyone wanting to do this themselves, please take them or leave them as you see fit. I won’t say I’m an expert, but I do work quite a bit in heavy materials: canvas, cordura and dacron sailcloth.

    Hot cutting dacron and other synthetic materials will keep them from fraying (especially if you’re not going to line the bag). A soldering iron or wood burning tool work well, just make sure you have good ventilation and practice to get your timing right so you’re not burning holes in your material when it counts. Doesn’t work on natural fibers, please don’t start any fires.

    1/4″ wide double stick seam tape or binder clips will hold things together if you don’t have the handy little clips like Adam is using (though they’re pretty amazing and well worth the small investment if you do much sewing at all).

    Folding over and creasing edges for hemming: grab a laminate sample chip from your local hardware store. They’re free and the edge makes a great folder (like a bone folder but free). Marcos pulled the handle folds over the edge of the sewing table to do the same thing at 31:30ish in the video.

    When top stitching, fold the light material to the dark (especially if you have white and a red like Adam does) and the dark won’t show through the light material. Small things but they make a big difference.

    Hope some of this helps someone out there… Happy sewing!

  23. Whoops. I accidentally ordered and EDC One in Charcoal with a Photography Patch and a Tape Measure. Looking forward to this bag. Please design photography inserts for the future with padded dividers, etc. For now it will be great for carrying all the extra stuff I need for a photog shoot. Thanks guys.

  24. He might be talking about the sail cloth and not the bristol board/cardstock that he used to mount the pattern too…..I would assume he is aware of folding biases in paper product but not in heavy duty fabric like sail cloth which have some unique characteristics compared to lighter weight fabrics.

  25. He might be talking about the sail cloth and not the bristol board/cardstock that he used to mount the pattern too…..I would assume he is aware of folding biases in paper product but not in heavy duty fabric like sail cloth which have some unique characteristics compared to lighter weight fabrics.

  26. Wow I ordered my charcoal EDC One late on the 19th July and today (24th July) it has already landed in Australia and has been picked up by the delivery company. Awesome service team.

  27. Stoked. Ordered my charcoal EDC One on 19 July and it has arrived here in Australia today 26 July. Fantastic shipping service. But the bag itself, quality manufacture and construction. It is so super light weight which is perfect given I intend to install a camera cube for my Fujifilm kit. Despite the light build, the base is solid and the internal lining is great. Overall I am so bloody happy with this bag. It is everything I had hope and more. Thanks Adam and Marco. Great job lads.

  28. Does anybody know where to source the heavy cardstock/cardboard that Adam uses to mount the pattern to? I’ve checked Michael’s, Home Depot, Staples, & Target. I don’t trust shipping it through the mail, things tend to get quite damaged in the mail for me.

  29. Loving my EDC One in Charcoal. Had it for two weeks now and I take it everywhere. I can carry my daily EDC stuff (wallet, pens, pencils, notebook, water bottle, headphones, Leatherman, etc) or I can pack it with two Crumpler camera cubes and take all my camera gear to a shoot. Next, I would love to see some EDC camera inserts or at the very least a tech-pouch-insert made by Savage/Mafia. Just my wish list for Christmas really.

  30. Finished my build of the EDC2 over the weekend. Used White Denim as the fabric. Decided to add a second pocket without the pen holders and did use the liner. Have not added the metal pieces to the top insert yet. Messed up a few of the stitches and would switch up my Order of Operations a bit, but not bad for first sewing project since middle-school I think!

  31. Yeah…ok i try to carry one of these bags and ill get tackled by homeland security. I have one i bought years ago at lowes. Its canvas and has a plastic reinforced bottom. Was pretty cheap…want to say around $20

    Bags are one of those wierd things that the difference between a $20 and a $300 one is hardly noticeable. Both carry your stuff comfortably and both will last a ling time. Mostly the diffetences are who designed and marketed it.

  32. Finished my build of the EDC2 over the weekend. Used White Denim as the fabric. Decided to add a second pocket without the pen holders and did use the liner. Have not added the metal pieces to the top insert yet. Messed up a few of the stitches and would switch up my Order of Operations a bit, but not bad for first sewing project since middle-school I think!

    That white denim looks awesome. I might have to make another bag just to get one that looks like that.

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