Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: LEGO Sisyphus Automata

Here’s a first for Adam: a One Day Build of a custom LEGO set! After spotting Jason Allemann’s beautiful automata design, Adam sourced a complete kit to built at the cave. The finished piece comes alive as an animated diorama of the Greek legend!

Shot by Joey Fameli and edited by Adam Isaak

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40 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: LEGO Sisyphus Automata

  1. Finally! A Lego build with Adam 😀

    That is a really beautiful piece! The movement really is lifelike. I’ve always been fairly mechanically minded but it blows me away that there are people able to create stuff like this. Really enjoyed this video guys, I can’t wait to see what’s coming next!

  2. This needs to be an official set. I’ve wanted to build it since first seeing but don’t have the time to track down all the bricks.

  3. I remember seeing this lego design a few months ago on YouTube and thought it was awesome then. Somehow it seems fitting that Adam have one too.


  4. I liked the cookie being eaten in timelapse.

    What a cool piece. I hadn’t realized how large it was when it was making the rounds a while back. It’s even that much more impressive. Gears, linkages, cams, kind of mesmerize me.

  5. Fun fact: that type of sphere is called a Lowell Sphere after Bruce Lowell (https:/ who was one of the first to use the design.

    You should check out Jason’s official Lego Maze kit as well (, if you don’t have it already 🙂

  6. I would love to see more lego builds with adam, maybe one that would interest him would be the ghostbusters hq model that was released this year?

  7. this, and it’s also one automaton, and two automata. just like phenomenon/phenomena.

    but then, the americans managed to made gyros (the greek dish) into a plural, so apparently some leeway must be given.

  8. That was really cool. Such a beautiful kit and design by Jason. Wonderful to see it put together by Adam. I hope you post the full build up.

  9. Did Adam make the cookies in this video? Next one day Build Adam makes cookies with special guest Alton Brown.

  10. Great build, but I miss the witty banter of the Lego with Friends builds. Maybe a premium super cut without the time lapse?

  11. Man, Joey, I swear in the last few months you have really kicked up your cinematography game. These videos keep looking better and better.

  12. , Glad to see someone else noticed that. It drove me nuts, throughout the video, every time they did that, just like when someone uses “phenomena” as a singular or “kudos” as a plural – I’ve long given up on ever seeing “data” used correctly ever again.

    Apart from that, the video was fun, and the automaton itself was amazing. Using such simple mechanical linkages to create movement on a complex curve loop with variable speeds was inspiring.

  13. oh yes, data can be super annoying as well. also: a mice (that seems to be on the way out again, though) and a dice.

    you anglophones can be lucky you assimilated antibiotic/antibiotics into a fully english word. in german, it’s used as a latin loan word that’s commonly used in the general plural ‘antibiotika’. so many people report their doctor prescribed them an antibiotika.

    very special shoutout to the politician who wanted to appear extra smart and used ‘stati’ as a supposed plural of status.

  14. I think I’ve had 5 or 6 Technic sets in the past 3 years missing crucial gear pieces :(.

    At one point I had to scavange one from another set just so I could continue. Lego totally sent the missing gear but it took a week or two to get it.

  15. Is it just me or does Adam look like Larry King in the still shot for the video? Anyone?

    This was really fun to watch the joy on Adam’s face as he got closer and closer to the end. This is the joy of LEGO and it is timeless 🙂

  16. I’ve just gotten past the knolling bit & for some reason I find that process too anal. For me, the meditative part of building Lego as both a child & an adult is to spend time searching through all the pieces, looking for the required parts. I love hearing the clinking sound of the bricks as I run my fingers through, searching for that elusive piece.

    One man’s pleasure is another man’s pain, I suppose! 🙂

    Actually, there’s an idea (if it hasn’t been done before). A build off: Knolled Norm vs Will’s Pile. See who finishes the same kit first. It’d have to be Norm vs Will, of course. Any excuse to bring Will back. 🙂

  17. Gorgeous set…as with others I would love having this on my desk but do not have the time to compile the pieces required. Lego….Make this a thing. 🙂

    Also…May I ask who the background music was being performed by ?

  18. I was not aware that giant cookies were part of Lego builds. I will have to remedy this the next time I build a Lego set.

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