Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Cylon Models with Battlestar Galactica’s Aaron Douglas!

In this week’s episode of One Day Builds, Adam is joined in the shop by special guest Aaron Douglas–Battlestar Galactica’s Chief Tyrol! While chatting about the show and sharing convention stories, Adam and Aaron work together to assemble and paint several BSG model kits. Who better to help build Cylons than the Chief himself!

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli

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51 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Cylon Models with Battlestar Galactica’s Aaron Douglas!

  1. I have the Apollo from that series of figures, so I’m looking that for reference while watching this.

  2. Also, Weldene/Bondene/plastic welder is just a mix of various solvents. It isn’t actually a glue at all. The best way to apply it is sparingly and allow the capillary action to seep it into the cracks between parts. Once it evaporates, the only thing left is the plastic you started with. In the Scale RC world, you use a lot of styrene.

  3. Geez Adam, you have some good singing skills. You both just made me look at model kits again, thank you!

  4. You are 10! This is insane!

    Best reaction ever.

    And I for one like to watch “the boring bit”.
    Glad you don’t cut out to much, I feel more part of the build watching the slow parts of the process.

  5. Heads up that the hyperlink address to the twitter page has been mistyped, it has a ” on the end of it when it shouldn’t.

  6. Brilliant build as always! I’m liking this format especially, where two guys tell tales as they do their thing. Helps make it even more interesting!

  7. Okay, this is the 2nd video this week where Adam alludes to the significance of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” – we need a Still Untitled segment where this is more fully explored please!

  8. Great video. Loved watching both of them build models but more importantly to hear a star that truly loved his job and the show he was a part of. The stories of how he didn’t recognize or know other celebrities were great.

  9. Videos like this one is exactly what I mean when I tell friends about how Tested has the best-made content on the web.

  10. I’m always a little sad inside when one day builds end. I didn’t realize that some of these are several months old. I knew it took some editing time but I figured they were only a month or so apart from shooting to post. Love these, please keep them coming guys.

  11. Wow – so much fun here. Aaron’s a super guy. LOVE that quick and dirty paint job – obviously I overthink things when I sit down to paint.

  12. Very cool, thanks guys! Adam please give us the plans/photografs for those nippers, I would like to make myself one!

  13. Haven’t made it very far yet, but very excited about this. Loved that show and Aaron.

    Question, what type of knippers is Aaron using to get the pieces of the tree? Looks like a forward action lever.

  14. This is the best thing i’ve seen on this site yet. Love that you got Douglas to come and do something fun and hear his stories. Builds with Adam are always great, but this really takes the Cake. Keep up the great work guys!

  15. New series idea – “The Joy of Model Painting with Adam Savage” He can just paint a different model and explain his thinking along the way. Vary from spaceships/planes to cars to more organic models.

  16. I can personally vouch for those Cylon ships being huge, I saw one on display at the Seattle EMP Museum’s BSG exhibit back in 2011 (along with two Vipers and a ridiculous number of props and costumes). This one also had battle damage, you could see the red flesh underneath.

  17. I have built the 1978 cylon costume took me 5 years and I noticed the cylon head in the background as you are painting please tell me you didn’t get paint on it. Love the original toasters.

  18. Awesome video!, I loved every minute of BSG, the ambience, the tension specially on the firsts seasons, totally cool.

    Adam: you say in the video that’s modelling is a dying art, but in fact today is more like the second golden age, every day more manufactures are appearing, the level of detail out of the box of modern kits is astonishing, but there’s a but, is more an art of +30yr old guys, not very much kids sadly, on that age, is certainly a dying art.


  19. I think two issues with modeling dying among kids is cost & lack of ready access: when I was a kid, I could afford a model every couple of weeks with my allowance, and could find them at local drugstores, supermarkets, department stores–they were ubiquitous. Now, I have to consider carefully whether I REALLY want to spend that $50 or $100 for that kit, and I have to drive across the city to a specialty hobby shop, or order online if I decide I can justify the cost. The bar of entry is immensely higher now.

  20. Thanks guys, now I have to rewatch BSG, buy the models, learn to paint it and still make Photobooths in the shed. Great video, really enjoyed that.

  21. I’m a bit sad Aaron didn’t go into full story telling mode. I’ve met him at various cons, including the one in London he mentions in the video, and have heard him tell many stories, including the sound guy one. It is an amazing story, especially when Aaron is on stage and has an audience. He rein acts the whole thing, with dramatic pauses and awesome looks in just the right places. He is a great story teller and has amazing stories to tell.

    If you ever have the chance to see him speek, don’t hesitate, I can listen to him tell stories for hours on end, and I have!

  22. absolutely fantastic, i really enjoyed this. I have ordered 1 of them models but does anyone know what make of paints Adam uses cause it is the paint job that he does that just makes them look amazing and you wouldn’t want to spend time building them to get crap paints and it not turn out good.

  23. May I ask what magnifying glasses Adam is using? I have some from Bausch & Lomb, but I find the focal length to be much too short for model work.

  24. ahhh I dont think I’d ever want to paint a master. Never was a fan of new BSG but this is still cool

  25. Aaron really is a fantastic guy to hang out with. My fiance worked closely with him for a few weeks and got me some great signed photos!

    I had to pleasure to get wasted with him one night at my a film wrap party. Fun stories and he’s the opposite of self centered, he loves to tell stories and talk about others there.

    These one day builds are just awesome, please keep them going… and don’t worry about them being too long.

  26. I do not generally geek out or get starstruck. I am the guy that doesn’t see the point of signatures because who cares if some dude/lady wrote their name on a thing?

    But CHIEF!!!!


    Seriously Chief Tyrol is one of my favourite characters in anything. I realise there is no chance Aaron Douglas will read this but I feel the need to say it. He is awesome.

    That is all.

  27. Couldn’t figure out why my face hurt. Oh I’ve just been smiling and grinning for the last hour or so.

  28. Loved it!

    I have to ask though, This was filmed in what October 2014 judging by what events they were talking about, Why the long delay to release? 7 months is quite insane for an online YT channel.

  29. Hearing you guys’ stories about meeting “fancy people” was great! I ran into Tom Sachs at SXSW this year just walking down the street on my way to lunch and I definitely did that stupid thing where you tell someone their own name “Hey, you’re Tom Sachs! I f***ing love your work, man.” (The phrases “Space Program” and “10 Bullets” has totally fled my mind)

    He very graciously posed for a photo with me and I went on my way.

  30. Nice singing voices, dudes!

    Also, since you like going to Scotland I thought I’d mention I have a couple of scots friends, both of whom not only run hospitalities where you can live, but are also, just, top men that you’ll never regret having met.

    Wanna go to Fort William, right close to Ben Nevis by Loch Linnhe? – yes, of course they have a distillery, and you can live at my buddy Colin’s resort-stay-thingie:

    Or maybe you’d like to live in a charming town house in Peebles, near both Edinburgh and Glasgow? Then reach out to my other buddy Richard, a.k.a. “Potter the Piper”:

    – and you know what? You go soon and you’ll beat me to either place, haven’t been yet – I’ve had both gentlemen come to Copenhagen and visit (t’was a hangover that lasted for days…), but I have never been to Scotland! I know, terrible.

    Just tell’em I sent ya. Don’t know where it’ll get you – but tell’em.

    Thanks for all the great videos, guys!

  31. Great video. meditative even. Makes me want to start modelbuilding with my kids (4 and 6 yrs). I really enjoy the one-day-build videos.

  32. and With a few screengrabs of his cutters and his comments on them needing to be “softer,” I think I may have at least figured out the type of tool Adam started with. I’m guessing it was something similar to an ‘Erem 1522N” Pneumatic cutter head. They’re meant to go into a pneumatic powered cutter, but seem verry similar to the squared off chunky look of the underlying mechanism in Adam’s cutter. I’ve been kind of obsessed with that cutter too. This is the first time I’ve made any headway into what it really is.

  33. Great video … Nice and relaxed just chatting about everything … could be any too guys (the chatting then wouldn’t be interessting to everyone :c) …

    and Adam, I know why you put your stuff on your bedside table ;c) … still do it myself …

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