Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Strandbeest Model Kit

Adam geeks out over a new Japanese model kit of a walking biped machine based on artist Theo Jansen’s Strandbeest creations. In building the kit, Adam explains his organization skills and the challenge of deciphering building instructions in a language he can’t read.

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27 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s One Day Builds: Strandbeest Model Kit

  1. I may just have to build one of these, I’ve been fascinated with them since I saw a video years ago of them walking along the beaches of the Netherlands (not exclusive to Holland, I think ;)).

  2. The magazine is called ‘Science for Adults Magazine’ (大人の科学マガジン/otona no kagaku magajin) and they can be found on Amazon JP.

    if you copy-paste in the Japanese, you’ll be able to easily identify the Strandbeest kits from the covers and many other interesting kits. .

  3. Get yourself to the Gakken Mook Store. Just ordered a couple of the dodecapedal from ebay, going to grab the rhino from All transport should be like this:

  4. I’m not such a big fan of the strandbeest (though I find it cool), but I’m a (growing) fan of LEGOs and One-Day-Builds, so I enjoyed this video quite a bit!

  5. strandbeest does mean “beach beast”, but with beest they (in dutch) are meaning more like a “creature or monster” than a animal

    after hitting “theo jansen” on ebay there is now one on it’s way to me 😉

  6. that sorting/ “knolling” made me wish there was more bricked!,(C-3P0 arms lol) also wind powered robots… thats awesome.

  7.   it’s named after Knoll, the office system/furniture manufacturer. Apparently coined by Frank Gehry’s janitor, it has been popularized by artist Tom Sachs. Sachs is also the artist with the bronze casting of the McMaster-Carr catalog, mentioned by Adam in an episode of Still Untitled. 🙂

  8. I just want to say, I checked withing about an hour of the video being released and there were a few Strandbeests available on ebay. There is now only one.

  9. Just ordered the big one on ebay.

    Actually, the way you pronounce the Dutch “ee” in “beest” is like in the English word “base” or “based”

    So it’s like “strand based” but with a “t” instead of a “d”.

    Being from the Netherlands, I just thought I should tell 😉

  10. I think I just spent 13 minutes of my life watching a 45-year-old man put a toy together. Welcome video…I was having withdrawal after Tuesday came and went with no Still Untitled.

  11. well, straight after i finished watching the video last night I bought a $17 kit off of ebay….today they messaged me and said the had no stock but they’d have some in 2 weeks…i then did another search and nearly all the $17 kits are now $117….

    glad I got in when I did (hopefully they won’t try and get another $100 out of me when they get stock)

  12. Haha, yes. The Chinese seller appears to be a bot and I guess this video gave its demand/pricing formula quite a boost yesterday, going from $17 to $117 in 8-9 hours :p

  13. ditto on one of my purchases, oh well we’ll see what happens.

    Some of the strandbeests need more oomph so they use pumps powered by the wind to fill the bottles with pressurised air for short bursts of walking.

  14. As for Japanese text just use the Google translater app on Android.

    You can take a photo from within the app and just swipe over the part you want translated. It´s pretty amazing after having had to count strokes in unknown characters for 20 years…

    Might work for Chinese too I guess.

  15. Paused it and had my brother translate some of step four for me- laughed out loud when he got to the phrase “kuranku shafto”. Never saying “crank shaft” any. other. way.

  16. Please put the rotor blades on backwards and post of video of it walking forward with the wind at its back.

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