One Day Builds: Adam Savage Makes a Blade Runner Blaster Carrying Case

Watch Adam craft, from start to finish, a stylized box to carry and display his Blade Runner Blaster prop replica. The entire project took less than one day to complete–sheets of wood is transformed into something awesome right before your eyes. Adam narrates the build with commentary about his design and construction methods.

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58 thoughts on “One Day Builds: Adam Savage Makes a Blade Runner Blaster Carrying Case

  1. Good to see that Adam still gets full days in his shop. The storytelling that is done by weathering and adding labels etc. really made this project come together. I wonder if he is going to stain the exposed wood inside, though. The almost pristine plywood surfaces don’t quite mesh with the rest. 🙂

  2. YES!

    This is JUST the kind of thing I wanted to see here on Tested! I asked for this on Youtube and I don’t know if anybody saw it there, but the important thing is that it’s here! Yay!

    Thanks, Norm, Joey, and of course, Adam!

  3. Very cool. I wish I was good enough with my hands (and had the tools) to make stuff like this.

    Maybe someday when I’m rich.

  4. Use a pushstick with your tablesaw adam you’re terrifying me ahhhhhh

    Yeah the way he bent over the saw was a bit scary…

  5. Isn’t it unfortunate that you posted this article on the day that the “Blade Runner” was arrested for shooting his significant other… A bit suspicious I might say…

  6. This is really fantastic, Adam. The more of these videos that you guys put out, the more I want to dabble in prop making.

  7. !!!! This was totally awesome! Loved seeing the project come together from scratch. I had to pause it a couple times to tend to some obligations and I could NOT wait to come back to see the project come together. Well done guys! MORE!!!

  8. jawe dropping, pure awesomeness!

    we have seen alot of Adams things , which is of course great no arguing there;) but would be cool to see more of Jamie builds and stuf ?

  9. What a great, informative feature to include on the site! I really hope you guys do more of these! Beautiful case, too!

  10. I think this is the best video Tested has ever produced. ,Great job Adam, Joey and Norm.

    I forget that Adam is actually a ridiculously skilled craftsman and not just the host of some show.

  11. Exactly what I was thinking.

    I’d probably go for a light staining on the plywood, add a semi glossy urethane lacquer on that and then do some series weathering on the parts that should get the most wear in use.

    That being said…Oh man, did this video make me want to built something out of wood! I haven’t done much of that since the autumn, since most of my tools (and the combination table saw I love) are at my summer home.

  12. This video is super cool and makes me want to run out and make something. Loving the content on the new Tested. Especially the Adam Savage related content. Keep up the good work guys.

  13. Can someone give me a link to the name of the paper he uses to cover the box? i’d like to use it for a project

  14. The voice over was a very nice touch. Would have been interesting enough as a montage, I want more of these. Maybe some of Adam teaching the noobs (Norm more so than Will).

  15. Really fantastic stuff all around – great filming, editing, commentary, and of course, building! The finished product actually took my breath away. Really sharp looking!

  16. For me, this was the best video so far. Really nice! You should do that more times. Adam has fun, we enjoy watching, everyone is happy!

  17. The table saw scared the hell out of me, it doesn’t matter how skilled or careful you are, ALWAYS use the safety equipment. It only takes a second to be distracted, or for someone or something to knock you. It doesn’t have to be your carelessness that causes an accident.

    That table saw should have a blade cover and Adam should have used a push stick not his hands. Leaning over the spinning blade like that is just crazy and should never be encouraged! Shop safety is paramount.

  18. The blatant disregard of any kind of basic workshop safety made me cringe. Adam is obviously highly skilled, but after watching this it’s incredible he still has ten fingers.

  19. Wow! That was brilliant. Great skill and passion, combined with entertaining commentary. Perfect length, nicely shot and edited. Please keep doing these!

  20. Adam is absolutely correct about the importance of looking at your design from a distance, upside down, whatever it takes to get a variety of perspectives on the thing to make sure it’s working. Back in art school, one of my professors recommended looking at your drawings in a mirror. Mistakes that are not apparent from normal perspective become glaringly obvious when you do that.

    This was a great video! Eagerly anticipating more in future!

    The blatant disregard of any kind of basic workshop safety made me cringe. Adam is obviously highly skilled, but after watching this it’s incredible he still has ten fingers.

    Ha! Yeah some of those maneuvers with the staple gun gave me the willies. Of course, Adam is famous for quotes like, “Am I missing an eyebrow!?” O__0

  21. Love all the tools! Also, is there some kind of locking mechanism for the drawer? It seems like it would slide out if carried or handled incorrectly. This was a great video! MORE!

  22. The Japanese wood saw cuts on the pull as opposed to the push because they are a ‘floor seated’ culture. When you’re working while sitting on the floor, you have much more strength on the pull than the push. Such a cool video!

  23. Well, after this I decided to watch Blade Runner, again… I couldn’t find the movie until yesterday when one of my friends found a VHS tape of the movie in his dad’s small “video tape library”… Let’s just say I just dusted off my 30 years old panasonic VCR (realizing that some things were just built to last) and I’m going to watch it tonight…

    Once again, I am fascinated by Adams dedication to details, this is a very cool video,

    best wishes from Serbia…

  24. This is just the type of object Dr. Jones would have been proud to have been blown up inside of. Great work as always.

    New, but, now eternal fan,


  25. Great video and an awesome project. It took me a week to make the thing, but I am super stoked with how it turned out. I think all my projects are getting custom carrying cases from now on. I needed a box for my settlers of catan set. Here is my attempt at Adams box project: Cant wait for more videos.


  26. I have so much admiration for Adam, I was intrigued with his approach to the box he was making , and it really looks FANTABULOUS, but alas! there is the comment, which I most likely would have done the same as him but he did not wear eye protection when using stapler or jigsaw, and I am not sure at this stage but he did use adhesives , the vapours of which most likely should not be inhaled (no mask) otherwise I just loved the project and love his workshop

  27. One of my favourite videos – watching someone (especially Adam) make something cool and narrate it. Reminds me that I really need to upgrade my table saw…

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