Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Mobile Filming Rig!

After over eight months of filming his builds in the cave, Adam has refined his mobile filming rig to make it easy to move around the shop and capture all the different tools and processes shown in One Day Builds and other videos. Let’s walk through all the components of Adam’s mobile filming kit, which breaks down and packs up nicely in one of his EDC bags!

Savage Industries EDC Two Dyneema bag:
iPhone 11:
Shurtape black masking tape:
White out pen:
Loc Line:
Spring clamp:
Carbon Fiber monopod:
Monopod base:
Joby phone holder:
20 foot lightning cable:
iHome wall wart:

Shot by Adam Savage and edited by Norman Chan

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2 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Mobile Filming Rig!

  1. The best phone clamp I’ve used is a Ulanzi ST-02S. It is spring loaded like Adam wants and seems very robust. I hike with it and have dropped it many times. Bought this and an Amazon Basics tripod and both do everything I need and require very little setup time. I attached (ziptied) a large battery to the tripod and have a cable for it just so I don’t have to worry about charging.

    -Travis C.

  2. I’m wondering where you found the spring clamp with the socket in it or, did you attach the locline some other way?

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