Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Best Hot Glue Gun!

Adam shares his choice of favorite hot glue gun for foamcore builds and prototyping! There are a lot of options out there for hot glue guns, and the ones Adam always goes back to heat up quickly and have stable stands that don’t tip over. And just as important as the glue gun are the glue sticks–here’s why Adam recommends low temp melt sticks.

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  1. I’ve been eyeing the fastenmaster for a while now, but does it take low-heat glue sticks as well? Or only hot melt?

  2. I’ve been using one of those 3M glue gun for twenty plus years of almost weekly, and sometime very heavy, use. Who’s ever heard of a glue gun lasting that long?! The thing’s a tank! A couple of features Adam didn’t mention… the case is a fiber reinforced plastic and it’s virtually indestructible, mine’s fallen from a 12 foot ladder onto concrete a couple of times without breaking. There are several different styles of interchangeable tips, including one that’s about 1 1/2″ inches long which is super handy! There are also several different types of glue made for it, including the more typical clearish glue. One disadvantage is it take a 5/8″ diameter glue stick which is only made, I think, by 3M and you’ve got to buy the glue in bulk online. So if you run out on a Sunday afternoon you are not going to find any at most local hardware stores. But the greatest available option for this glue gun (Adam you NEED this!) Is the Quad Track Convertor. It replaces the thumb push slide with a whole hand squeeze trigger and converts the glue gun to use 3M’s (proprietary, sorry) long glue sticks which have serrations on them for the squeeze trigger to grab and feed into the gun. All ’round this is the best glue gun I’ve ever seen.

  3. They actually call it a “Quadrack Converter.” Why, I have no idea.

    There are people who break up the huge boxes and sell the ribbed sticks in small quantities on eBay and I haven’t been burned (pun intended) so far. Always gotten genuine 3M stuff, though I have the opposite preference and go for the high temp formulas. I also like the variety of nozzles you can get for covering larger areas.

    Hot melt polyurethane is also fabulous for things that need to be really dang strong.

  4. I use what’s called a “Surebonder Dual Temp.” It has a switch to go between high and low temps; a nice, big indicator light so you are definitely sure if it’s on or not; an integrated, wire kick stand (yes, you can fold it out of the way. but it’s so well attached, I haven’t been able to break it. And I’ve been using and abusing this thing for six or seven years); a big trigger this you can pull with two fingers; a fine enough nozzle for small spaces. I love it. And, like I say, I’ve used and abused it for six or seven years and it is still kicking like a boss.
    Here’s the full name:
    SUREBONDER DT-270 Essentials Series 40 Watt Full Size Dual Temperature Hot Glue Gun
    (Can be found on, or Home Depot)
    Happy gluing!

  5. Hi there,

    I use the heat glue gun a lot, everywhere, sometimes away from a power plug. I was pleased to find this battery powered gun from Ryobi that freed me from the power cord leash. Also, it seats on the battery with the tip always straight horizontal, never leaning downward. And it’s quite cheap.

    I wish it had a temperature adjustment 🙁

    I thought I’d share.

    P.S. Love your content. Thanks!

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