Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Safety Goggles!

After a recent shop accident that required three trips to his ophthalmologist, Adam is a convert when it comes to wearing safety goggles for all kinds of operations in his workshop. Today he tells the story that that shop injury and gives his pick for his favorite go-to safety goggles for everyday shop use.

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8 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: Safety Goggles!

  1. I got one of the raygear full face shields (untinted, with grill) to use when working on the wood lathe; I like it better than the traditional headstrap flip up/down ones. That it looks futuristic (and hence was in WestWorld) is just a bonus 🙂 Adam, I’m pretty sure you have one, have you tried it? What did you like/not like about it?

  2. Dammit, it’s gotten so that watching this channel every day is costing me more and more money – but you’re right, those Dewalt’s are the bomb and they’re stupid cheap. This morning I had a couple of quick cuts to make with the chop saw and I caught myself thinking “I’ll just close my eyes as I make the cut”… Hello Amazon, my good friend.

  3. I have NoCry Over-Spec Safety Glasses that fit really nicely over glasses. The DeWalts are about $17 in Canada, so I’ll pick some up to try out (Amazon appears to have copied them for their AmazonBasics brands, but the reviews say they aren’t as good).

    Beyond just having safety glasses, I think it’s important to have multiple pairs of safety glasses (and not necessarily all in the same place). That way you have backups, and also eliminate the inconvenience of finding them when you’re doing something quick. Humans have a tendency to favour convenience over safety/security. 😉

  4. My great grandfather (who passed before I was born 42.5 years ago) worked with a sawmill. They were changing out a blade and he thought to save time by not grabbing the safety goggles. He hit with a hammer and a piece flew off and took out one of his eyes. So instead of saving a few minutes, he cost them his help and the guy that took him to the hospital. He went the rest of his life with only one eye. The moral of the story, WEAR YOUR SAFETY GEAR.

  5. My choice of goggles for comfort and eyeglass compatbility was the 3M 2890 which I think are similarly priced as the DeWalt. They are also systemically compatible with 3M respirators (as in they don’t interfere). For protective equipment, it makes sense to find a range of products that work well together and then stick with those. Not necessarily of the same brand – if you can test fit combinations of different brands together then all the better.

  6. i’ve been using these since they came available in europe. i love them. especially when you wear glasses these are great. there is a relief in the rubber that holds the arms of your glasses, and makes sure they sit perfect. can’t recommend these enough!

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