Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: EDC Hammer!

Let’s talk about hammers! Adam shows the hammer he made as a crew gift for his Mythbusters production team, and why he loves its design. And for his workshop apron he’s wearing these days, he’s chosen a similar style deadblow hammer that’s become his go-to hammer for his everyday carry!

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2 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s Favorite Tools: EDC Hammer!

  1. Cool little thwacker. BTW, Adam, I’ve seen all across YouTube over the past week, something called a ‘Saw Stop’ that fits on your table saw. It’s designed to immediately brake and drop the table saw blade if it touches tissue. Every demo I’ve seen by craftsmen shows it works. It might be worth looking into especially with you working by yourself. Now as smart as you are, you probably already have it installed and I as a fan, thank you. You are a treasure. And thank you for being here for us.

  2. SawStop isn’t really an aftermarket installable component, its a brand of table saw. From what I’ve heard the safety function really do work as advertised and the saws are of good quality. However, they still come with some caveats.

    They have been known to trigger on false positives, e.g. when cutting lumber with some moisture still in it. Both the blade and the brake cartridge itself are unsalvageable and needs to be replaced after the system triggers.

    SawStop are also both pushing for legislation to make active safety features mandatory on saws and are reportedly pursuing aggressive legal action against competing technologies, so make of that what you will.

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