Adam's Favorite Tools: Electric Cast-Cutting Saw!

Adam shows off a new tool for the shop that he picked up specifically for cutting through fiberglass.

Adam's Favorite Tools: Heat Gun and Iron!

Inspired by one of his favorite YouTube channels (Ted Woodford's guitar repairs, aka @twoodfrd), Adam recently upgraded from an essential household iron to a more precise digital banding iron.

Tested Favorite Tools: Paper Crafting Cutters!

Kayte Sabicer shares her favorite tools for paper crafting, including familiar and novel craft knives for different types of paper work, ergonomic tweezers for moving around parts, and the best adhesives for gluing, sealing, and preserving your projects.

Adam's Guide to Drill Bits!

Adam dives and drives deep into the world of drill bits, giving us an overview into the various kinds of bits and end mills he uses in his workshop and showing the versatility of his favorite bit of all: the venerable forstner bit!

Tested Favorite Tools: Hot Wire Foam Carving Set!

Modelmaker and fabricator Kayte Sabicer shares one of her favorite things for quickly carving foam: a versatile set from Hot Wire Foam Factory that includes three different handheld foam sculpting tools. Kayte demonstrates and gives tips for using the hot wire tool, the hot knife, and engraver on sheets on cheap pink insulation foam, which you can stack and glue together to form all sorts of shapes for modelmaking terrain and sculpture!