Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: C-Thru Triangle Ruler!

Adam shares another essential tool that was one of the first specialized tools he fell in love with when he was working in graphic design: the transparent grid triangle. Anyone who does any kind of making with layouts should have a few of these rulers of different sizes in your toolset!

Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Haimer 3D Edge Finder!

Adam recently purchased a new tool for his milling machine that has radically improved his workflow efficiency: a Haimer mini edge finder. To explain how this gauge works and why it's necessary for milling operations, Adam dives into a thorough explanation of the ways of measuring and calibrating tools from table saw to mill, how a device like the edge finder can speed up repeated operations that are prone to error.

Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Moly Dee Tapping Fluid

This week's favorite tool is actually a pick not just for its utility--tapping fluid is paramount for machining--but chosen for its novel packaging. Adam shares one of his favorite pieces of product labeling in this vintage can of Moly Dee tapping oil. The copy on the sides and back of the can is so uniquely written, and Adam was delighted to pick this up to share with us. Another Winthrow Product of Distinction!

Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Blundstone Work Boots!

Over the course of filming Mythbusters and Tested, Adam has worn one style of work boot that is suited for almost every environment production takes him: Blundstones. Today's tool tip is about why Adam loves these boots, and what the last pair he wore while filming Mythbusters looks like!

Tested: Elegoo Mars 2 Pro SLA 3D Printer Review!

We test and review the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro, a $300 mSLA 3D printer that's ideal for getting started with resin printing. Norm is impressed with the print quality of the tabletop miniatures and figures printed on the Mars 2 Pro, which uses a 2K mono LCD panel for fast layer curing and longer lifespan. What are your favorite models to print on your resin printers?