Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Blundstone Work Boots!

Over the course of filming Mythbusters and Tested, Adam has worn one style of work boot that is suited for almost every environment production takes him: Blundstones. Today's tool tip is about why Adam loves these boots, and what the last pair he wore while filming Mythbusters looks like!

Tested: Elegoo Mars 2 Pro SLA 3D Printer Review!

We test and review the Elegoo Mars 2 Pro, a $300 mSLA 3D printer that's ideal for getting started with resin printing. Norm is impressed with the print quality of the tabletop miniatures and figures printed on the Mars 2 Pro, which uses a 2K mono LCD panel for fast layer curing and longer lifespan. What are your favorite models to print on your resin printers?

Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Monkey Wrench!

Praise the trusty monkey wrench! In this week's tool tip, Adam explains how this essential pipe wrench works, why it's so much better than a crescent wrench, and the case for having two of them for plumbing work.

Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: McMaster-Carr Catalog!

For Adam's final tool tip of the year, he reads from an iconic yellow book: the mighty McMaster-Carr catalog. Not only is it an essential reference guide to the over half million products sold by McMaster-Carr, but its detailed descriptions unlock the utility for all manner of esoteric tools and hardware supplies. The printed catalog isn't easy to get ahold of, but thankfully the entire catalog is also online and in McMaster-Carr's mobile app!

Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Hot Wire Cutter!

After making extensive use of this wire cutter in his most recent One Day Build, Adam dives deeper into how to use his favorite Proxxon hot wire cutter for shaping foam. It's a powerful tool for quickly carving foam sheets both thick and thin, and an essential piece for kit for modelmakers and other foamsmiths.