Adam's One Day Builds: Annular Cutter Storage!

Adam walks us through the different kinds of machine tools for boring large holes into materials, from the humble hole saw to the versatile forstner bit.

Ask Adam: All About Clamps

In this live stream excerpt, Adam answers questions from Tested members shadowfax1007 and Call Me Dax about go-to clamps as well as tools for small-handed folks.

Ask Adam: Building vs. Modifying Tools

In this livestream excerpt, Adam answers questions from Tested members The Prop Master with Robert Walker and Shane Shellenbarger about Adam's disc sander as well as building tools from scratch vs. modifying existing tools.

Ask Adam: Favorite Miniature and Jumbo Versions of Tools

In this live stream excerpt, Tested subscriber George Farren asks Adam, "'What's your favorite example of miniature/jumbo versions within a family of tools?"

Adam's Guide to Sanding Tools!

Today's guide is all about sanding! It's the thing that unites makers--we all have to do it at some point for our builds, and there are so many tools out there to help make sanding less of a chore.