Cooking Perfect Omelettes with Adam Savage (and Traci Des Jardins!)

Adam’s not-so-secret passion is cooking, and his specialty is eggs. We pay a visit to his kitchen to watch Adam prepare his favorite breakfast, and are joined by a surprise guest to discuss the best way to cook an omelette!

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77 thoughts on “Cooking Perfect Omelettes with Adam Savage (and Traci Des Jardins!)

  1. From building PCs to cooking omelettes with Adam and a James Beard award winner,!

    Thanks for the video, guys. Now to somehow replicate Traci’s results…

  2. Knife looks like a Shun. Hard to tell though.

    EDIT: Just saw it in another shot, it’s a Shun Premier. Chef knife most likely, so 10″?

  3. Suddenly my bowl of Cheerios this morning seems totally inadequate. 😉 And wow do I want an omelette now. Maybe for lunch!

  4. Hot dam I LOVE Tested’s gamut of videos!

    We go from a 1 hour video about PC Building with Loyd Case to Cooking Omelettes with Traci Des Jardins!

    The video was amazing, you guys are amazing, and i’m now gonna run off to make an omelette!

  5. Excellent video! Omelettes are one of my favorite foods in the world and am a bit of a snob about it. I also dislike how they make the super fat, overstuffed ones in most diners. Now I want to try duck eggs in mine and also the scoops of avocado!

    Now can you find a japanese chef to show how to make the sushi omelettes? 🙂

  6. I think cooking in front of his friend, the award-winning celebrity chef and multi-restaurateur, is a more likely cause of nerves in this case 🙂

  7. If you’re talking about the one on the far left that is big with the brown handle that is a cut brooklyn knife

  8. As someone who was a cook for 2 years & mostly cooked breakfast, but does not do that anymore this was delightful. I had no formal training and it was just sort of a sink or swim situation. It’s funny how I started off cooking omelets like Adam and gradually transitioned to Traci style just because I wanted to save ingredients. Didn’t even know this was a formal way to make a french omelette, I just knew I could save on ingredients & come out with a better tasting egg at the end. If I used less ingredients in the omelette that meant I could do less preparation for the day which was great.

  9. More knowledge passed on. My wife and I watched this and LEARNED so much. We have already planned our Saturday morning. Not so sure we’ll use duck eggs but the simple idea of using other salts was cool. Thanks to all involved.

  10. The preview picture for this video is awesome. Not sure why, but the composition and colours and everything just appeals to me in a big way. Am I alone in this?

  11. Thank you, thank you, thank you. The current swath of topics on Tested is the best it’s ever been. This video was excellent.


  12. This was great. Hope you guys have Traci and Adam do more cooking! Maybe revisit your home sous-vide and see if they can offer some refinements/improvements.

  13. Mmm, this was fun.

    Way more interesting than cooking shows. These shows look too “Presto Magic”. Then when I make it, stuff is happening that looks nothing like what they showed during the “boom-tchika-pow” music and close up montage. It’s nice to have the cook speaking and explaining what’s going on and what he/she is trying to do.

  14. After a stressful 10 hour work day I come home to find this beautiful video on It really calmed me down so I can’t think you enough for it.

    From now on I’m gonna fry all my eggs in butter.

  15. Thanks! I’ve seen some videos like that before but I still can’t quite master it. It’s a lot of work indeed.

  16. I like making omelettes, but I never really have the best pan. I usually make them on a flat square pan… like this. The middle is higher than the rest of the pan, so I have to use at least 4 eggs otherwise the middle is too thin, the omelets also come out pretty huge.

  17. I absolutely loved that video. Please, please do more like it. I’d really like to see you guys tackle the basic foods on how to make them awesome. I remember the first time I saw the Gordon Ramsay video on the scrambled eggs. It forever changed my life.

  18. damnit Will, that beard is gross, I don’t like watching somebody with a beard like that around food that people eat.

  19. Oh god I almost threw up listening to him beat them eggs. This is why all of the shit in my kitchen is either plastic or clear. Or metal, obviously.

    I like the thin egg dealeo, because I’m not a huge fan of egg, but I think it goes really well with other stuff. I love me a fresh breakfast burrito with half scrambled eggs, roast beef, sour cream, avacadoes, cheese, and some salt. Last night’s taco meat is also great for that.

    But I do like a lot of stuffin’. Nothing like a good diner omelette. And Denny’s does NOT count as a diner.

    Also glad I’m not the only one that feels a bit “rushed” when making anything with egg, which it seemed like Adam did.

    I also kind of like browned eggs, for whatever reason.

  20. This was a super awesome video, I love seeing people people who have other passions transfer that over to cooking. Plus informative! Keep up the great work – tested!

  21. I don’t like all this opinionated cooking. The educational parts were cool. But this video rubbed me the wrong way overall.

  22. Infinitely more interesting than I thought at first.

    Also, the mutual ‘no hugz’ glance at the end was a little deflating but made me laugh. Probably all in how I read that moment and not what they were thinking, but great video anyway.

  23. So I cooked something similar this morning (used spring onions and ham with some cheddar), now I have heart disease.

  24. I feel so enlightened about omelettes now. I used to just drop the egg and let it brown a bit then flip the whole thing and cook it like roti or something until I saw the whole ‘pull and tilt” method Adam mentioned at the beginning.

    Gotta try this out. Also the butter. I always use olive oil, but I might experiment with a bit of butter too.


  25. THAT CHEESE IS $23.99 PER POUND. I sometimes forget Adam is a paid like a nationally syndicated television star, which I guess says more about how cool Adam is than anything.

    Also, I don’t remember Norm working the cameras before. I like the prospects of Cameraman Norm.

  26. I never thought of tested as a cooking website…but honestly this is probably my favorite recent piece of content.

    God I make terrible Omelettes…hopefully this’ll change.

  27. So I tried making an omelette but used spraying oil instead of butter since I didn’t have any and it went kind of poorly. I probably had the heat way too high or the pan too hot cause the egg browned pretty quickly. But it was still pretty tasty.

  28. This was unexpected, but very cool!

    I’d love a bite of that duck egg omelette (cooked by an award-winning chef, no less).

  29. I love my cast iron pans but for this technique it isn’t optimal. Cast iron pans will heat up too slowly, hold onto the heat for a long time, is on the heavy side to do the quick movements and is more prone to eggs sticking on the lower temperatures. My normal way of making omelettes over a higher heat it was fine but it did lead to brown bits. I tried this method and there was some sticking.

  30. I usually do a diner-esque style of omelet, but after watching this I think I’ll have to give the better technique and shorter ingredient list a shot. Thank you!

  31. I usually make the big diner style of omelette which are more about the fillings then the eggs. But then again I was a diner cook for many years, and like she said you just don’t have time to cook like that in a restaurant. Diner cooking is “here’s orders for 20 people who all want something different and you have 15 minutes to cook it all.”

  32. Will, I really appreciate the questions you ask during the various videos, providing clarification as to what people, especially Adam are doing. The really help me understand. Thanks.

  33. Hey the reason you are getting that brown is because of the butter burning. If you Ghee ( the badass version of butter – Grassfed!) you probably will wont get that on your omelette. Ghee doesn’t burn! Try ghee, you will never go back to regular butter again!

    I grew up in a household that mostly had both. I really didn’t like ghee. To me it lost most of what tasted good about butter. I guess it isn’t for everyone.

  34. I…I didn’t see anyone wash their hands. And in one part, Traci got butter on her hands and then started grabbing the pan by the handle. In my experience that makes a greasy handle. At least Adam wiped his hands on that rag on his shoulder when he got a bit of egg on them. Not sure why he kept throwing egg bits around though.

    Also they kept just dumping the eggs in the pan…I feel like maybe I’ve been cooking eggs wrong this whole time. I usually tilt my bowl of eggs till I get every last bit of egg out. Call me not wasteful, I guess.

  35. I assume your concern on handwashing is based on salmonella. As a professional cook, yes we are required to wash our hands after we handle raw eggs, but you should note that we handle a lot of them on a daily basis. The risk of contracting salmonella at home is incredibly low, even with poor handling. I found this off of wikipedia (which I also heard several times in culinary school at even lower numbers):

    `Based on USDA’s statistics, the average consumer would encounter a contaminated egg only once in 42 years. And then, that egg would have to be time and temperature abused to contribute to a health problem.” The risk of contracting egg-related Salmonella is extremely low for healthy individuals, according to Dr. Mason. “There is one outbreak for every one billion eggs consumed,” he said.

    You can see that for the average person at home, the risk of getting salmonella is incredibly low. Cooks have to be very conscious of these issues because they manage a lot more of this ingredient than the average home cook would ever come across. The average home cook might make 8 eggs a day (assuming its for a family of 4). Am average restaurant breakfast cook might cook for several hundred people a day. This is why restaurant sanitation is stressed so much, where as at home cooking sanitation, especially with eggs, isn’t stressed that much.The risk is there, but it is very low.

  36. Since this video was posted, I’ve been making omelettes trying to follow Traci’s advice that browning is a function of heat, not time. Haven’t had a speck of brown, even with liberal amounts of butter.

    And I have to say, my omelettes are so much better now that I don’t rush at high-heat, but take my time 🙂

  37. The omelettes look awesome! The shape is known as a “cigar” and when the eggs are cooked “wet”, they are called “baveuse” pronounced “bav-erse”.

  38. Wow, haven’t logged in to tested for ages. I log in to find this. Will and norm seem really pushed to the back now!

  39. Anyone remotely interested in cooking at ,say a more ”investigative” level, should get a copy of Harold McGee On food and cooking. There are no recipe in it at all. It’s only the what and why.

    Advanced eggs:

  40. I made the eggs Traci Des Jardins did in the video. They came out wonderfully. I think it’s all that butter, but they are defiantly my husband’s new favorite way of having eggs. I’ll have to try it with duck eggs one day. Thanks for sharing this.

  41. I did a video on scrambled eggs which employs the use of a whisk. (You mentioned beating air into the eggs) We all have different ways of beating eggs and I’d love to share with you my method, but first get permission to post that video link here before willy-nilly pasting it into the comment. 🙂

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