Tested From Home

Tested From Home: Jeremy's PinSim Mini Virtual Pinball Controller!

Jeremy checks in from home to show what projects he's been working on during lockdown, including repairing an RC car, large LEGO build, and upgrading the code on his Game Frame LED display. We also dive into Jeremy's Pinball obsession, with a quick look at his Pinball machine collection, wall-mounted playfield, and laser-cut PinSim virtual pinball controller design that you can make at home! Two of these controllers are up for auction with all the proceeds going to charity!

Tested From Home: Making Wood-Fired Neapolitan Pizza!

Joey shares one of his big passions: making Neapolitan-style pizza at home with a wood-fired oven. He's been using the Ooni 3 compact pizza oven for a few years, and talks about his experience with this wood pellet fueled oven and his preparation process for making the most out of it. And yes, Joey shares his pizza dough recipe as well!

Tested From Home: Customizing Home Studio LED Lights!

Fabricator Jen Schachter walks us through her latest project: refurbishing and customizing lights for home studio and cosplay displays! Using a combination of off-the-shelf spotlights and found lamp hardware, Jen combines customizable smart bulbs with vintage spotlight looks, showing how she goes from sketched concept to prototype to finished build.