Tested From Home

3D Printing an Anatomical Cross-Section Sculpture!

We experiment with a 3D printing technique to make it look like a solid object is embedded in a glossy piece of translucent resin, in this case a golden skull encased in a bust of the Venus de Milo. It's a convincing effect that can be replicated using free modeling software and looks great 3D printed in resin like SirayaTech Simple Clear, painted with some Rub 'n Buff. Follow along and try this project out yourself!

How To Make Custom LED Lights for IKEA Display Cabinets!

If you have IKEA display cabinets or shelves, one easy way to make them more useful is to assemble and install custom LED lighting fixtures in them to light up their contents. Norm upgrades a standard Detolf glass cabinet with four banks of LED lights that are housed in discreet metal channels that both diffuse the light and aim them right at his figure collection. And while we're soldering, let's take a look at a new diecast Iron Man armor!

3D Printing a Miniature Cityscape Diorama!

Cue the 3D printing timelapse music because it's time for another resin print showcase. Norm shares two projects he's been tinkering with, starting with a beautifully modeled cityscape designed by The Lazy Forger. Created for 6mm scale tabletop gaming, this set of buildings are also ripe for making diorama bases for display models or other printed figures. We also use Meshmixer to slice a character portrait for a quick and easy mixed media aesthetic.