Model Kits

Bandai Cup Noodle Model Kit?!? Let's Build It!

Let's have some fun building one of the most unique model kits we've ever encountered! Bandai makes a 1/1 (officially licensed!) replica of the iconic Cup Noodles instant ramen meal, complete with the plastic representations of the dehydrated instant noodles inside!

Adam's One Day Builds: Razor Crest Mods, Part 1!

Adam and Norm begin the long-term project of modifying their HasLab Razor Crest models to add lights, electronics, and paint weathering.

LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean + LED Lighting Kit Build!

We put together the new LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean, which features the iconic time machine in LEGO's Creator Expert scale.

Quick Builds: 1/220 Scale Papercraft Model Kit!

We're trying something new, breaking out the craft knife and tweezers for a build-focused video assembling a Sankei 1/220 scale architectural papercraft model kit.

LED Lighting for Miniatures and Dioramas!

Jen and Norm examine different techniques for using LED lights to illuminate small-scale scenes, using Jen's laser-cut diorama as a model for lighting experimentation.