Star Wars Luke vs. AT-AT 1/6 Scale Diorama Display!

Norm transforms a lighted acrylic display case into a diorama display for the Hot Toys 1/6 scale Luke Skywalker figure, recreating an iconic scene from the Empire Strikes Back's battle of Hoth.

Making a Custom Figure Display Case with LED Spotlights!

As our collections of figures, 3D prints, and LEGO builds continue to grow, our display solutions need to keep up! Norm assembles the Moducase Sixth100 display case designed for sixth-scale figures, and then puts together his own take on a custom display case using MakerBeam XL aluminum rails, cut acrylic, and dimmable LED spotlights.

How To Be an Action Figure—Hasbro Selfie Series Hands-On!

We go hands-on with an exclusive first test of Hasbro's upcoming Selfie Series that allows you to put your own face on a 6-inch action figure!

Let's Build: Japanese Steamed Bun Shop Kit!

This cozy miniature representation of a Japanese steamed bun shop and apartment is our first exposure to CaDA bricks.

How to Make Diorama Bushes with Old Paint Brushes!

Kayte shows a simple and effective way to turn old chip brushes into small scale diorama bushes that you can use for tabletop gaming or diorama terrain!