Impressive LEGO Dystopian Monorail City!

One of our favorite LEGO builds from this year’s Bricks by the Bay convention was this massive dystopian cityscape connected by a working monorail system (with six trains!). The mother and son team of Pamela and Austen show us the details of their build, which is inspired by science fiction films like Blade Runner and Ready Player One.

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8 thoughts on “Impressive LEGO Dystopian Monorail City!

  1. Use two cameras. One for the interview exclusively. The second one for what is on display. For the second camera, decide what you want in frame, focus the camera, and hold the camera still. Decide what your next shot will be and repeat the process. The Lego city was amazing. Give both creators proper respect and attention and try to show their artwork the way it deserves to be seen.

  2. Terrible that this woman was essentially excluded from the conversation and nearly excluded from the frame. Huge props to her for not dope smacking Sean on the back of his head . This should be taken down by Tested. Not even close to being a good message or the standards and behavior that Tested tries to foster and present. A public apology would be a nice gesture as well, it’s never too late to do the right thing.

  3. Hey it’s Sean – just wanted to comment on the video. I was
    in no way trying to snub or ignore Pamela – she was great and I chatted with
    her earlier that day. We only had 2 lav
    mics in a noisy environment and a limited amount of time to shoot and Pamela
    insisted we talk to Austen as it was originally his brainchild. I apologized to
    Pamela in advance about the mic situation.

    Pamela said she was always ordering parts for Austen and taking
    him to pick up sets and pieces, helping with sorting, etc. Finally jumped in to
    help on the actual builds which they have now been doing for a few years. She
    was sad that Austen was going off to college soon!

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