Adam Savage Uncovers STEAM Leaders in Atlanta

While on tour, Adam Savage visited Utopian Academy of the Arts and met Artesius Miller, Founder and Executive Director, along with math teacher Marcus Blackwell who developed Make Music Count; an innovative curriculum combining algebraic expressions and piano.

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli
Music by Jinglepunks

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14 thoughts on “Adam Savage Uncovers STEAM Leaders in Atlanta

  1. Hey Joey – I’m curious. Did you fly to Atlanta to film this with Adam or are you just the video editor/post author? Either way, it is a great piece and I’m sure I speak for the entire Tested community when I say how nice it is to see these type of videos – personally, they kind of remind me of “On the Road with Charles Kuralt” segments from the old CBS Evening News.

  2. This is really, really neat. I’m forwarding to some of my teacher friends. My friend is a 4th and 5th grade math teacher in New York City.

    So much music theory revolves around math. Adam really picked up on the idea that the music can just “feel” right, just like math can. Your intuition helps solve for one and vice versa when you become comfortable and practiced. It let’s you think a bit more abstract about it. It’s the comfort and familiarity that I think Common Core is trying to achieve but not being delivered optimally. I don’t have kids so I’m not experiencing it first hand, but based on my conversations with teachers and articles online, text books haven’t caught up and many teachers are resistant. Another issue is that it’s being thrown at all grade levels at once when it’s apparently most effective when the methods are first taught in kindergarten or first grade as it’s intended to be built on year after year. It’s supposed get away on purely wrote memorization and just make you comfortable with numbers to make them easier and approachable. It’s the kind of stuff people tend to figure out in their later on when doing math. Like doing carries in addition or odd borrowing if doing subtraction without clear understanding of why you’re doing it. It seems arbitrary.

    Stuff like this shows there can be more than one way to teach, that there’s more than one way to be effective, and that different strategies will make more sense than others to different people.

  3. Yeah, I travelled to a few cities on Adams tour to shoot these kind of videos with him. You’ll see a couple more pop up in the future. We’re glad you like it!

  4. Wow. Great video. Nerdy tech stuff is fun, sure. But this video is so positive and…well let’s just say I would love to see more real people like this do good things. Hard to find on TV.


  5. This was an awesome clip! I echo what was said earlier, would love to see more of these type of videos. Adam just has a great way with people. It makes the videos very entertaining and interesting. Not to mention the content of the video was excellent. I will be definitely taking this to our curriculum department. Thanks again Tested and Adam for another wonderful clip.

  6. Great video.

    Math is awesome. Sadly most math classes will put you to sleep. Mr. Blackwell’s use of music to introduce math concepts is the best approach. Math excels as a tool to solve problems.

  7. If this is a look at the kind of content we can expect now that Adam has more time to pursue different interests through Tested, we have a lot of fun and inspiring stuff to look forward to 🙂 Great video!

  8. This was amazingly inspirational! Thank you all for focusing on these amazing people and their good work. More, please. Encore!

  9. This echos the thoughts of my old band conductor who told us that the kids that can pick up reading and interpreting music the quickest are those that have a firm grasp of mathematics.

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