Ask Adam: Job Interview Advice, Jamie's Flamethrower and More

In this live-stream excerpt Adam answers questions from Tested members Michael Fisher, Eliot Thomas, Andrew Montgomery and Silver Defender about prioritizing projects, interviewing for gigs, touching something that's been to space and standing in front of Jamie's flamethrower.

Jack White Made Me This Surprise Gift!

Adam just received a surprise gift from Jack White--a restoration of his favorite workshop stool!

Ask Adam Savage: The Challenge of Using Explosives and Firearms in San Francisco

In this livestream excerpt, Adam answers MythBusters-related questions from Tested members Xtafa and Zander Zander about how Adam would have changed the pilot episode and how hard it was to set off explosives and firearms in San Francisco.

Ask Adam Savage: When to Keep/Store a Project, Plus Favorite Puppet in Film History

Adam answers questions from Tested members Kiwi Courters, Micah Barnes and Trenton Clayton about anxiety with storage and Adam's favorite movie puppet during this live stream excerpt.

Ask Adam: How Useful Is My Tattoo?

Tested Patron angiefaerie asks, "When has your tattoo come in the most handy for you, or has it saved you at any point?"