Haunted House Miniature Diorama Build!

Jen Schachter's latest diorama project pushes the limits of laser cutter design with a bewitching haunted house miniature, just in time for Halloween!

Grant Imahara's Battlebot Deadblow

Both Fon Davis and Adam Savage have a long history with Grant Imahara's infamous combat robot Deadblow.

Thumby Micro Handheld and TinyTV Review!

We check out Tiny Circuits' newest experiment in electronics miniaturization: the Thumby, a micro handheld that's about 1/5 the size of the original Game Boy!

Elegoo Mars 3 4K Resin Printer Review!

This week in 3D printing, we review the Elegoo Mars 3, a $300 resin printer with a 4K screen, fall in love with Wham Bam's flexible build plate system, and put a spotlight on two sets of print files from the worlds of Star Wars and Hagglethorn Hollow.

Adam's One Day Builds: Hasbro Mandalorian Helmet Repaint!

Adam shows you how to take Hasbro's The Black Series Mandalorian helmet and make it look more like the prop used on the show.