Adam's Favorite Screwdriver Design!

After years of having drawers full of all sorts of screwdrivers--and there are so many different kinds--Adam has come to the realization that he has a point of view about his favorite screwdriver design.

Ask Adam: How to Deal With Creative Block

In this live stream excerpt, Adam answers questions from Tested members Ben Campbell and DevLegion about building an R2-D2 replica (including weathering advice) and working through creative blocks.

Adorable Mini C-Stand + D-I-Y LED Ring Light!

We check out this fully-functional and adorable tabletop C-Stand from Matthews and make a small LED edge light panel to work along with it!

Adam's Epiphany On the Science of Measurement!

As Adam gets back into machining projects and exercises, he takes a moment to share one of the most interesting tools in the shop: a set of Mitutoyo ceramic gauge blocks used for precision measurement.

Adam's One Day Builds: Weathering a Sword Blank!

One of Adam's latest ongoing projects is a new hero sword, ground from a pre-made blank and finished using the techniques he learned from his time working under the tutelage of Weta Workshop's Peter Lyon.