Adam Savage Visits Animax's Creature Paint Room!

One of our favorite places to visit in any effects shop is the paint department, and the paint room at Animax Designs does not disappoint! Adam meets up with two artists at Animax to learn about their intrinsic painting technique that gives their creature puppets a believable and long-lasting paint application that holds up to handling and close-up scrutiny.

Adam Savage Takes Animax's Foam Sphere Fabrication Test!

While visiting Animax Designs, Adam meets up with Animax's CEO Chuck Fawcett and Soft Goods Lead Erik Rojas to try his hand at a foam ball fabrication test. The making of a simple foam sphere out of a flat piece of foam and pattern is one of the ways Animax evaluates potential new employees, as it requires attention to detail and precision that's the foundation of the incredible character creation work done there. Follow along to see how Adam did and try the build for yourself with the pattern shared by Animax!

Adam Savage Visits Animax's Sculpting Room!

Adam visits Animax Design's sculpting room, where he checks out a sculpture in-progress of a baby dinosaur. Sculptors Dave Dixon and Noah Flint walk Adam through the details of the figure and explain how Animax combines modern digital sculpting to alongside traditional hand sculpting to create its lively animated characters.

Adam Savage Learns to Vacuum Form Life-Size Dinosaur Skin!

Adam learns about the various materials and fabrication techniques that the builders at Animax Designs have developed to make the exterior shells of their dinosaur and creature animatronics. Experiments ranging from cast silicone to stretch fabrics allow for a balancing of weight and flexibility, and one technique calls for vacuum forming massive sheets of foam that is pressed with an impressive amount of detail. Let's watch this machine in action!

Adam Savage Meets a Life-Size Animatronic T-Rex!

Adam steps into the massive workshop of Animax Designs, a character design and fabrication company that he's been working with for his velociraptor costume. One of Animax's specialties is the build of fully animatronic dinosaurs, and Adam gets up close with their massive Tyrannosaurus Rex mech that's just about to be animated for the first time.