Painting and Detailing Jen's Book Nook Diorama!

Jen's back with another book nook project, this time decking out her diorama design with paints, fabrics, and a variety of modelmaking materials!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Hellboy Samaritan Carrying Case!

Even though Adam's build of the Hellboy Samaritan prop replica is yet to be completed, the project is at a point where he wants to properly store and display the piece in a carrying case appropriate to the universe of Hellboy.

Adam Savage's New Custom Workbench!

Adam unveils his incredible new shop workbench made over the past few months by engineer and woodworker Andrew Klein.

Snap Ships Modular Spaceship Building Kits!

We unbox and review the new Snap Ships modular building sets that we first saw at Maker Faire two years ago! It's amazing to see this idea of a spaceship building system go from 3d-printed prototypes to polished product, and retain the fun and versatility of the original design. We show how the build system works as we assemble the largest of the kits.

3D-Printing King Atlan's Artifact Prop from Aquaman!

Darrell's latest prop replica project allows him to combine 3d printing clear resin with LED illumination and some intricate paint masking. He models and prints the King Atlan message recorder artifact as seen in Aquaman, and then applies a series of paint applications to give it an ancient and otherworldly finish. We check in with Darrell to talk through the challenges of the build and how he approached each step of the process!