Tested in 2021: Kayte's Favorite Things!

Modelmaker and fabricator Kayte shares a few of her favorite things from the year, including precision tools for miniatures building and her favorite glue for papercrafting.

Tested in 2021: Sean's Favorite Things!

Sean brings in some of his favorite new tools from his home workshop to share, including a robust rotary tool system that outclasses your typical hobby tools, a useful handheld vise, and a few blasts from the past.

Tested in 2021: Jen's Favorite Things!

Jen's favorite things from this year include shop tools to help with soldering and laser-cutting projects, an awesome starter pack of different CA glues, her favorite woodworking saw, and miniatures terrain for modelmaking.

Tested in 2021: Norm's Favorite Things!

It's that time of year already! As we get close to the end of 2021 and kick off the holiday season, the Tested team look back at some of the tools, technologies, toys, and gear they've loved using this past year.

Ask Adam: Has Celebrity Changed Adam's Con Experience?

In this excerpt from a recent live stream, Adam answers questions from Sean Vedell, Joelle Brooke, Joe Niedbala and James Dutrow on everything from comic-con conventions to what book Adam's reading to properly measuring and designing with allowances in mind.