Adam Savage Geeks Out Over EVA Foam Scale Maille!

Adam checks out the latest foam armor design from his friend Ben Eadie's Foam Armory project. Inspired by the reception to their EVA craft foam chain mail kits, Ben and his collaborator Stephanie Chan have developed a laser-cut foam scale maille that can be woven into helmet and other armor builds. Adam is impressed with how lightweight and durable these foam armor scales are while looking like distressed metal. Check out the Foam Armory campaign to get your own set!

The Animatronic Robot Designs of Mark Setrakian!

We visit the workshop of animatronics designer Mark Setrakian, whose robot creatures have appeared in some of our favorite films and TV shows. Mark shows us the operation and design of his Axis robots--as featured in BattleBots--and demonstrates how he creates mesmerizing animations for his creations using layered algorithms akin to musical compositons.

How To Make a Fake Frosty Beer Bottle!

In this behind-the-scenes production video, Joey shows us how he prepped a beer bottle to look perfectly frosty and icy cold for his spec commercial shoot. Using off the shelf products like surf wax, glycerin, and salt, you can make any glass bottle look like it was just pulled out of an ice chest and stay that way for the duration of a photo or video shoot!

Adventures in 3D-Printing: Lord of the Print

As part of our ongoing adventures in 3D printing, we're putting a spotlight on artists who design specifically for hobby printing in mind. We're starting off with the prolific Lord of the Print, whose Patreon release includes beautiful dragons and characters that are awesome at tabletop size or scaled much larger. Norm walks through his process to prep a godzilla model for printing, and tests a new wash and cure machine that can fit a kaiju-sized print!

Weta Workshop's 3D-Printed Giant Eyeballs!

When Adam visited Weta Workshop early last year, he stopped by their 3D printing lab to check out their research and experiments in 3D printing full-color eyeballs for exhibition figures and effects work. Weta Workshop's Richard Taylor and 3D artist Tor Robinson show Adam examples of anatomically accurate printed eyeballs that push the limits of high tech fabrication!