Ask Adam: When Did You Know Making Would Be A Sustainable Career?

In this livestream excerpt, Adam answers Tested member Hrushka's question, "At what point did you know that making was going to be a sustainable career?"

Ask Adam: Adam's Top 5 Movie Soundtracks

Adam answers questions from Tested members wrorchestra1 and Mark Chu-Carroll about Adam's favorite movie soundtracks and recommendations for movable storage for a small space?

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Ask Adam: "What Do You Think Will Be Your Legacy?"

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Let's Build: Transformers Jetpower Optimus Prime!

It's been 15 years since we were introduced to the live action Transformers movies, and the incredible effects and striking character designs still hold up today. One of the most memorable designs was Jetpower Optimus Prime from the second film, and today we assemble the ThreeZero DLX figure that combines Optimus with the SR-71 Blackbird-based Jetfire.