Let's Build: Japanese Steamed Bun Shop Kit!

This cozy miniature representation of a Japanese steamed bun shop and apartment is our first exposure to CaDA bricks.

LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean + LED Lighting Kit Build!

We put together the new LEGO Back to the Future DeLorean, which features the iconic time machine in LEGO's Creator Expert scale.

Inside Adam's Cave: LEGO Mailbag Unboxing!

This week's Tested mailbag arrives in precision-wrapped packaging, and the sound of LEGO bricks shuffling inside gives us a clue as to what it could be.

LEGO Airplane Dogfight Kinetic Diorama!

We're due for a LEGO build! This set, designed by LEGO automata master JK Brickworks, was part of the inaugural Bricklink Designer Program, and voted to be put into production by fans like us.

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: LEGO Blade Runner Spinner Model!

Adam heads over to the Tested studio to find enough space for a 2000-piece custom LEGO build of the Spinner car from Blade Runner! This model comes courtesy of BrickVault, who put together detailed instructions and parts lists for massive MOCs inspired by our favorite movies, games, and fandoms. Follow along as Adam puts this kit together and shows off the clever ways that fan designers have replicated this iconic vehicle.