Adam Savage’s Favorite Things of 2020!

As we head toward the end of an unpredictable year, the Tested team looks back at 2020 to recall some of the things that we picked up and that picked us up. Adam kicks off our annual end-of-year video series with his list of favorite new gear he picked up, book he read, and TV shows. Hope these and our other staff picks will give you some inspiration heading into the holiday season. Thank you as always for watching our videos this past year and continuing to support us!

Oculus Quest 2:
Elite Headstrap:
Silicone Grips for controllers:
AMVR Earbuds:
Ultra-thin hook and loop fasteners:
The 99% Invisible City:
Proxxon Rotary Tool with US plug:
Proxxon Rotary Tool with AC Adapter:
Center for Policing Equity:

Shot and edited by Norman Chan

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2 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s Favorite Things of 2020!

  1. badge suggestion from a real life. Was welding in the driveway, wife opened the window long enough to yell “honey, you’ve set yourself on fire again” then closed the window to get back to work. She figgured as long as I knew I was on fire, that was good enough.

  2. Brett Goldstein, the actor who plays Roy Kent in Ted Lasso has a podcast about movies called Films to be Buried With, it is a fun listen, especially if you want to get to know a lot of great (primarily British) comedians. He recently had Patton Oswalt on, and it was an amazingly fun episode of two very nerdy guys talking about their favourite films. Check it out if you want some more joyous content in these trying times.


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