Adam Savage Tests the AIR Active Filtration Helmet!

Adam unboxes and performs a quick test of this novel new helmet designed to provide active air filtration while giving the user a wide field of view with its big plastic dome. It’s evocative of a spacesuit helmet you’re meant to wear around in the world, and Adam checks out how well it works with a walk around the neighborhood. Air filtration helmet:

Shot by Adam Savage

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  1. Had similar issues with full face skydiving helmets … but most manufacturers now provide coated faceplates that dramatically reduce fogging. Not sure if these guys are doing this (coating their lenses) but you can either buy or make your own anti fogging spray if they don’t 😉

  2. I got one of these for teaching K-3 subbing in person. I really hope you will seriously give this essential worker device another chance/review. This is serious tech for allowing people whose facial expression is essential for dealing with people. In my case, as a teacher for 2 graders (the most awesome age) I’m 6’6″ dealing with 6 and 7 years olds. They need to see my smiling face to know I am not scary. I am safe. I am on their side and I care. I really hope you will take this thing apart and figure out how to remake it for those who want to do it on their own, or even encourage other manufactures to produce air-filtration helmets as alternative to wearing masks.

    Adam, you had the same problem I had with fogging at first, and it is an easy fix. You pinch the material at the back of the helmet to pull the visor up onto your head and then attach a strong metal-springed clip to hold the pinched material. I also removed the small pads that were installed/Velcroed inside mine, and installed the larger pads provided by the manufacturer. Between the pinched fabric and the larger pads the helmet’s visor is now as far-as-possible from my nose and mouth. In addition to solving the fogging issue, these minor changes also allow for great air circulation all around the head and face that is quite pleasant. The helmet was designed for safe, comfortable travel only, and not talking. So, to hear I use Etymotic’s Noise-Isolating In-Ear Earphones with a 3 Button Microphone attached to my iPhone running Mobile Ears’ hearing aid app. These earphones/earplugs eliminate the fan noise and allows for a great hearing experience via the iPhone’s microphone and background noise cancelling capabilities. Plus if I want silence, I just set the iPhone’s volume to zero! To insure that I can be heard, I got a Zoweeetek’s portable rechargeable mini voice amplifier with wired microphone. I have so far tested this setup at the grocery store, bank, and enjoyed an hour long conversation with relatives. It works great. People can see my face, and I don’t have that awful mask discomfort including, of course, poor mask air-quality issues and moisture buildup around the mouth.

    For most trips, when I can use self-checkout at the lumber/hardware store, grocery store, etc. I just put on the helmet alone. With the clip attached in back, its quick and easy to fit on my head and go. I cannot tell you how wonderful it is to walk around maskless in social spaces and visit people or drive in their cars without a mask.

    Adam, I was hoping you might have a fun fix to round out the back of the helmet, so instead of looking like half-a-helmet you could make it looked like a full helmet? BTW: Reggie Watts review of this helmet and his fan Q/A session while he wears it is awesome:

  3. Is the plastic strong enough to protect against flying shards in woodworking? I’m thinking the heap filters plus face shield might be more comfortable than 3m mask plus separate face shield for cnc mdf dust protection and safety

    1. My understanding from the manufacturer’s website is that the face covering takes 20 hours to 3D print. I’m not sure how strong 3D printed plastic is. The four HEPA filters cost 50 bucks to replace and are good for 3 to 4 months of normal use. Safetywise, situational awareness is greatly reduced even though you have great peripheral vision. In a parking lot, I find myself continually looking around me and behind me as your stereo hearing, and so ability to hear where a car is coming from, is pretty much gone. This is even the case if you’ve got an external hearing aid microphone set up like I do. For that reason, the 3M version where the face shield leaves the ears exposed would probably be a better but pricey choice. Also, 3M’s air supply filtration unit is strapped behind your back, which would probably shield it from dust.

      1. On the 3M unit: You could probably remove its HEPA filters and replace them with vacuum cleaner bag material as you’re not trying to screen out viruses 🦠 but dust. This change would have the added benefit of increasing the airflow and so air conditioning benefits of this type of system!

        With all of us now having to wear facemasks, the problem of mask comfort for those who have to wear them several hours a day is finally getting the attention it deserves! Hopefully we’ll start seeing a lot more filtered air (air conditioning) helmet/mask options and open-source plans for them!

  4. MicroClimate AIR2 was released a few months ago, ads positive pressure architecture, factory-applied anti-fog, and better communication with an organic speech path integrated into the design. Oh, and it has a replaceable impact-resistant dome.

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