Inside Adam’s Cave

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Hellboy Samaritan Prop Barrel Rifling!

Adam has one final machining task to complete on his Hellboy Samaritan prop, and that's adding the interior rifling details of the replica's massive barrel. To accomplish that, Adam uses a custom tool called a broach, which needs to get precisedly pushed through the barrel with a tremendous amount of force to make its cut. Adam has an idea of how to achieve that, and it's going to require quite a bit of elbow grease!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Micrometer Gauge Box Set!

To aid in his machining projects, Adam recently picked up a full set of micrometer screw gauges--precision calibrated tools for measuring his machined parts and components. Today's One Day Build is a deep dive into how measurement affects machining processes and the ways to achieve ultra-precise measurement, and the customization of a beautiful wooden case to organize and hold all of these important gauges.

Adam Savage Tests Boston Dynamics Spot's New Robot Arm!

Spot has received a massive upgrade in the form of its new robot arm! Boston Dynamics upgrades our Spot with its new arm and Adam puts its gripper to the test to see how well it can grab objects littered around the Tested studio and even open doors! We show how manual operation of the arm works, the dexterity of its movement, and get a sense of its potential as a platform for developers to create dynamic and automated tasks.

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Life-Size Velociraptor Costume!

Adam embarks on one of his most ambitious builds yet: fulfilling his lifelong dream of a wearable life-size velociraptor costume! With the help of the amazing designers and builders at character shop Animax Designs, Adam begins his raptor costume build in the cave with some materials experimentation and figuring out the movement of the tail. Follow about this epic journey that will take Adam cross country in a build that spans an entire month!

Adam Savage's King George Costume!

Adam recently completed a build of the royal St. Edwards crown inspired by the one worn on stage for Hamilton, and he pairs that prop with a full King George costume! It's Adam's first time trying on the full getup--crown, cape, and all--and we take the costume for a photo shoot at the beautiful Sydney Goldstein theater in San Francisco to see what it looks like on stage!