Inside Adam’s Cave

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Giant Swiss Army Knife Repair!

Many viewers have asked about the giant Swiss Army Knife replica that lives above the lathe in Adam's shop, and Adam takes this display down to the workbench to show you exactly what it is and how it works. And while it's disassembled, Adam spends the day making a replacement blade to restore this prop to its full multi-bladed glory. Be prepared for some fun maths!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Hellboy's Samaritan Prop, Part 2!

Adam pushes the limits of his machining skills as he moves onto the next part of his Hellboy Samaritan prop replica build. In making the closure latch of the Good Samaritan, he has to make something that's not only aesthetically accurate, but functions as a working mechanism as well. It's going to require some precise engineering!

Adam Savage's Cave Loft Tour!

Here are parts of Adam's workshop that most people don't know exist! Adam takes you on a tour of the cave's loft spaces, where he is reorganizing his workshop storage and many projects in progress. It's full of gear, materials, and interesting artifacts from Adam's shows and builds, all hidden away above the parts of the cave you've seen in Tseted videos. Let's climb up the steep ladder staircase and explore this space--watch out for the low ceiling!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Miniature Shipping Container!

Adam's been wanting to build this kit for years: a decal set that allows him to make a 1/10 scale shipping container like the 40-foot ones that move freight around the world on massive container ships. Adam's scaled-down version will be four feet long, and make for an awesome bench and storage box in the workshop. And of course it sits on casters!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Car Seat Dog Bed!

For an upcoming road trip, Adam will be joined by his dog Maggie, who is a delightful travel companion. To help her better enjoy the long drive, Adam makes a custom fitted dog bed platform that fits over the folded seat of his car! It's a build that begins with cardboard prototyping and transforms sheets of plywood into a beautifully bolstered doggie bed!