Inside Adam’s Cave

Adam Savage Tries on Puppet Mouth Masks!

Adam's love of puppets and affinity of masks get mashed up in this show and tell of a set of delightful puppet masks from puppet designer Kylie Clark. Made with the fidelity of felt hand puppets, these masks instantly transform the wearer into a character right out of a 1970s-era puppet show. The feel and build of these masks--made with a material called "fuzzelle"--are an absolute joy to hold and wear. These are so cool!

Adam Savage's Vintage Automatic Testing Micrometer

Adam shows us this vintage automatic testing micrometer that is used for a different purpose than his machining micrometers.

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Galloping Horse Animation Machine!

Adam has a background in animation, so it's with great pleasure that he breaks out a flip-movie kit to make an animation machine!

Adam Savage's Replica Creature Head from The Thing!

Adam gives us a close look at this replica of one of his favorite monsters from John Carpenter's The Thing!

Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Japanese Hand Saws!

Adam Savage shows you why he's so fond of his Japanese hand saw in comparison to a traditional hack saw or American hand saw.