Inside Adam’s Cave

Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Great Budget Vacuum Former!

One of the most useful tools for a small scale modelmaker is a vacuum forming machine, which lets you make lightweight plastic copies of model or prop parts quickly. Adam shows us the vacuum former he built while he was a professional modelmaker, and then demonstrates a small dental vacuum forming machine that is a great way to get started without spending a lot of money.

Adam Savage's New Milling Machine!

You've asked about it, and it's time to show you the new milling machine that Adam upgraded to and brought into the cave this year. Adam explains how a mill works, gives an overview to his own journey in machining that got him to this point, and shows off the features of his new Sharp mill. Plus, take a look at what it took to get this machine loaded into the cave and make its way to back of the workshop!

Adam Savage's Beskar Spear Prop Replica!

Adam has long been a collector of swords, but he may have to start a spear collection in the cave with the arrival of this beautiful Beskar Spear replica from the propmakers at JJ Industries. It's another piece of Adam's upcoming Mandalorian cosplay, and he examines and assembles this spear in today's show and tell!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: OneWheel Electric Skateboard Mods!

Adam loves riding his OneWheel XR electric skateboard around the neighborhood, and makes modifications to his board to give it some attachable payload capacity as well as GoPro mounts to film his rides. The satchel he sews allows him to repurpose car airbag he rescued from a car in his MythBuster days, and the camera mounts will give us a sense of how smoothly the board glides up San Francisco's hills. And the modifications aren't completely without a custom charging stand to build as well!

Adam Savage Rancor Maquette Statue Reveal!

Adam unboxes and reviews the incredible replica Rancor maquette from the artists at Regal Robot--a near-perfect recreation of the original puppet designed by Phil Tippet for Return of the Jedi. Details like the construction of the eyes, the gnarly claws, and even the dripping drool of the fearsome creature are recreated here based on access to the original puppet and input from Phil himself. It's an incredible tribute to the creature design and practical puppetry showcased in the original Star Wars trilogy and Adam couldn't be more excited to meet it!