Inside Adam’s Cave

Ask Adam: Metric vs Imperial Plus Shop Tripping Hazards

In this livestream excerpt, Tested members Rohan Knox and TheDudeJB ask: "If you could, would you convert to the metric system?" and "Have you had the issue of trip and fall hazards and if so, what was your solution?"

Ask Adam: "Did You Have Work/Life Balance During MythBusters?"

In this livestream excerpt, Tested member Silver Defender asks Adam if it was hard to have a personal/family life while MythBusters was in production.

Ask Adam: Creating With ADHD

In this livestream excerpt, Adam answers questions from Tested members UncouthJ, Luckdragon and C2 Lawson ask about turning down jobs that could be good money, becoming a creator while ADHD, and Adam's thoughts on the Disney Plus series Kenobi

Ask Adam: Efficiency and First Order of Retrievability in Shops

In this live stream excerpt, Tested members Daniel Wendt and Patricia Hogarty ask about creating first order of retrievability in a shop and how to create a more efficient shop space.

Ask Adam: What's the One Thing Visitors Flock to in The Cave?

Tested Member D Quartermane asks Adam, "Is there one thing that everyone flocks to in the cave or does it vary with visitors?"