Inside Adam’s Cave

Ask Adam: Managing Distraction While Working

In this live stream excerpt, Adam answers questions from Tested members Richard Gue and Paul Jimenez about keeping focused while working and Adam's very first convention.

Adam's Favorite Tools: Electric Cast-Cutting Saw!

Adam shows off a new tool for the shop that he picked up specifically for cutting through fiberglass.

Savage Inside: Lenovo Legion 7i Shadowbox Display! (Intel® Gamer Days)

As part of Intel Gamer Days, Adam Savage and the Tested team have partnered with Lenovo, Intel, and PC Gamer to make a custom shadow box display showing off the components of a Lenovo Legion gaming laptop.

Adam's Lifecasts Collection!

Adam brings out his collection of lifecasts (of himself!) that have been used over the years for makeup effects, costume fittings, and other art projects.

Adam Savage Inspects a $500 Suit of Armor!

In Adam's ongoing obsession with historical armor, he checks out what a $500 suit of armor purchased on Etsy looks like!