Making a Star Wars Death Star Corridor Diorama!

Today’s build is a rite-of-passage for figure collectors and miniature modelmakers: a Star Wars-inspired Death Star corridor diorama! Norm designs his take on the iconic backdrop for 1:12 scale figures (6″ tall, like the Star Wars Black Series) and laser cuts acrylic pieces to slot together for a satisfying assembly that perfectly fits into IKEA Detolf, Kallax, or Billy shelves. Download the files for this project to make your own!

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11 thoughts on “Making a Star Wars Death Star Corridor Diorama!

  1. Very cool!

    Care to share your Glowforge settings? I ordered some of the Styrene sheets to mess with. Are you covering it with your own tape?

    PS. The Thingiverse link in your description has a space in it making it invalid to click.

  2. for acrylic on glowforge i typically start with proofgraded material settings and then slow the speed down to ensure it does a full cut regardless of variation in material thickness (usually 150 speed).

    for the .04 styrene i did 150 speed, 35 power, and 2 passes!

  3. definitely thinking about the tantive iv cooridor where leia puts the message in R2, but woudl want to do it 1/6 scale for my sideshow r2 deluxe figure. that could end up pretty big!

  4. given how evocative the shapes in that setting are, i bet there is a lot of room to play with how much (or rather: how little) you have to build in order to make it appear in the mind’s eye.

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  6. The Thingverse files have no compensation for kerf. What are your settings for kerf offset on the Glowforge? Hoping to reproduce this with a friend’s GF. Haven’t been able to find any specifics on the kerf width from a GF.

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