Making a Cutting Mat Riser and Lighting Platform!

This laser-cut riser for desktop cutting mats is inspired by Adam’s Die Filer platform that he made in a recent One Day Build. Norm talks through his design process for making this tray for small modelmaking projects, which can also be used as a custom jigsaw puzzle platform or LED-lit soft box for displaying and photographing tabletop figures. Download the vector file to make your own!

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8 thoughts on “Making a Cutting Mat Riser and Lighting Platform!

  1. A cool inclusion for a new version would be to extend the legs of the inner plywood skin, so several of these could be stacked on top of each other for efficient and compact storage of multiple projects

  2. An accessory to it could be clip-on or built-in containers to sort and store small pieces and a larger side area to store tools like Xactos, etc. It’s increasingly clear I need a laser cutter.

  3. Nice, thoughtful intro, Norm. Thanks.

    You are right, cutting mats make great general work surfaces. This is my Laura Kampf-inspired tabletop minibench.

  4. Crack great suggestions! love taht this is the kind of thing there upgrades present themselves with use. super fun to keep on iterating on it!

    horray for mini-bench risers! i defintely find elevating the workspace is ergonomically preferred for small papercraft work

  5. Norm, glad to see you tackling Illustrator. It intimidated me FOREVER. I was self-taught in Photoshop and the early iteration’s UI seemed very antithetical to my workflow. But then Adobe began to integrate the two more and more and I jumped back in about 15 years ago. It is SO fulfilling! DO seek out tutorials and tips just for their own sake because you will find lots of unexpected inspiration and application in the newfound techniques! Enjoy!

  6. Really awesome video, thanks Norm! I find that you really make the projects on Tested more accessible to my level of skill. Thanks for the smaller, bite-sized projects that are all about making life easier one workspace at a time! I don’t have a laser cutter, but I’m still going to try this out.

  7. Nice video!

    I loved the lit and frosted camera platform. I wonder if you could scale down your standard Sci-Fi floor, the ubiquitous steel grate and laser cut a panel (not unlike your puzzle piece grid) so you get the “in the ship” look. Or even scale down and etch a diamond plate texture for more industrial dioramas.

    Again, cool design!

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