Bits to Atoms: Starlords Arcade Cabinet, Part 7

Jeremy and Sean head back to Other Ocean to regroup with Mike and Kevin for a Starlords project post-mortem discussion. Suffice to say, the team is ecstatic about the reception at California Extreme. Thank you all for watching this series and making Bits to Atoms possible!

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42 thoughts on “Bits to Atoms: Starlords Arcade Cabinet, Part 7

  1. Bonus episode! 🙂 wasn’t expecting one, but a great ending to the best series on Tested so far. Really uplifting. Can’t wait to see what’s next.

  2. My favorite part of this story is what the team was least prepared for: so many people want to buy it! Congratulations to everybody involved. This is a wonderful piece of work, and it’s such a joy to be along for the ride.

  3. This was a very very amazing series, and pretty much brought together every aspect of this site, from manual making, to computer controller assembly to electronics to software. This is the epitome of this site!

    Well done! 😀

  4. I wonder if you came in on budget for this, and if it compares to a typical arcade game’s development costs (taking inflation into account if its a period game).

  5. I’ve been a tested member for a number of years and have enjoyed so many of the features, videos and information. I’m not a maker or a gamer, I just appreciate the creative culture – this has been the most impressive series I’ve seen. It’s the first time I have checked every day just to see if another episode was being posted. Watching the passion and excitement of everyone that participated was just a simple pure joy. This series alone made my premium subscription worth it! Thank you all for sharing it, and to all those that made it possible.

  6. Glad everyone enjoyed it – we had a blast doing it – definitely our most epic project. Have no fear we are teaming up with Other Ocean for another good one…

  7. that was a really enjoyable series. Shows how you can take an idea and with a like minded team you can make it a reality. Can’t wait for the next one.

  8. It was nice to see a wrap-up like this, especially with a discussion of what worked and what could be improved.

    I wish I had an opportunity to play it. I would also be curious to know if there is any further follow up later on (i.e. does it get developed into a product for gamer-bars? Are there any other games that get developed to go on that platform? etc.)

  9. Absolutely loved this series! Bits to atoms is one of my favourite Tested series and totally worth the premium membership!

  10. Ya, you guys hit it out of the park on this one. I was eager to watch each episode every week and the bonus episode was a great finish. Would love to see you turn this into an actual product of some kind… that in itself is its own journey too right? Kick-starter campaign?

  11. Absolutely incredible outcome on this, guys! Super awesome project. Bits to Atoms is definitely one of my favourite features on Tested.

  12. thanking the premium members was a very nice move at the end. now i feel like i was a small part of this awesome journey. was never interested big time in arcade games but this is an incredible build, i enjoyed every second.

  13. Fantastic job guys!!!

    Jeremy you should look at absolute encoders, may neeed to use a micro controller to convert its signal to a voltage (PWM?) . In the RC world they are now making Hall effect gimbals to replace the POTS – direct plug in , no wearing parts. Sean may have to put a rotation stop into the knobs to give the 2 end stops (pin in the panel and grove in the knob).

  14. Wait, is that a physical Rocket League? 🙂

    Also, while I know you probably won’t make any quantity of these, should Tested ever bring back Octoberkast or similar fund-raising event, one of these would probably bring in a nice chunk of cash.

  15. This was a great series to watch. Thank you so much to all involved for producing this and everything on Tested.

  16. As a newer Premium member, I want to say that this series, alone, paid for my membership. Thank you all at “TESTED” for all you do. You guys are GREAT!

  17. It can’t always be a hit ofcourse so don’t feel too pressured to up this one, it was just epic all around. It definitely was the first time I “jumped” with excitement when an episode came up. Not to say the rest of the site isn’t great, love it all, but this was something else somehow.

  18. Fantastic. The Starlords project has definitely my favourite Tested build series. Brilliant work from everyone, can’t wait for more!

  19. I love all the work you’ve all been doing. Great job. Every time I see a project complete I want to learn how to make one myself. If I ever get around to it I think I’ll have round planets instead of castles since the paddles are round. And because it’s called StarLords I want the ball to be a tiny star (flaming ball). I think those could have great visuals of the flame trailing behind. I can already see the planet’s tiny people fleeing when their world gets destroyed.

    I believe if you put a piece of glass over the top it will just encourage people to put their food and drinks on it while they play. That might become a bigger problem than it solves.

  20. That formfactor is begging to be used as a smash up derby race. . you have a button for gas add one for brake and you have a wheel to steer. all you need is a track to race around and the software to smash into a car!

  21. Fantastic! Absolutely loved this series. Worth the premium membership just for this.Congratulations on creating a great arcade machine.

  22. Hats of to an awesome series! This kind of content makes it worth to be a premium member. I hope you guys make this into a product. Would be awesome to see this game out in the wild

  23. Why did the extra ending remind me of “This Old House” lol. Love the series. If I can as rich I would so want to buy on and put it in an arcade. Can wait to see what will be the next project.

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