How Properly Arranging Fans Can Improve Airflow in Your PC

Sean and Norm discuss the effects of negative air pressure compared with positive air pressure in PC cooling, and test different configurations for maximizing airflow through a computer case. The high-speed camera footage doesn’t lie!

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14 thoughts on “How Properly Arranging Fans Can Improve Airflow in Your PC

  1. where are the temperatures? a bunch of smoke only shows how turbulent is the airflow.

    after watching your video the only conclusions a viewer can draw are:

    • more exhaust fans provide less turbulent airflow
    • more intake fans increase the turbulence
    • don’t stack fans
    • four no-name fans move more air than one no-name large fan, you didn’t explain if that affects cooling

    so your question “How properly arranging fans can improve airflow in your pc” remains unanswered. You didn’t show what kind of airflow is ideal – one that provides the best cooling.

  2. Wow… just wow… that was just a load of complete garbage.

    First of all that demo was just ridiculous, obviously you’ll get better airflow if you have the 3 exhaust and one inlet fan when running negative pressure. (since I’m guessing you did not compensate and ran the single inlet fan at 3x the speed of the exhaust fans..?)

    Second. Most cases that are not junk have some dust filters and if you have negative pressure you make those filters pointless since air and dust is going to seep in through every crack and hole. And since many cases have lots of holes at the back that are not covered with fans running negative is going to result in hot exhaust air getting sucked back in through those openings.

    Third. array vs single large… yhea… do I even need to explain…

    So conclusion; If you are going to make these kinds of sponsored videos (its fine we all need to pull in some cash) can you at least do them properly, please. This could actually have been a good tested video instead its misleading and unhelpful.

  3. Exactly this… all sponsored videos are utterly crap. The series about the Honda Pickup.. had a lot of potential .. but besides Frank.. all videos were bad and half assed.

    This one I wont even say anything.. seems like its a joke..

  4. This video is full of terrible information, so it’s no surprise they had to disable the YouTube comments. They’d do much better to just take the video down and stop adding confusing and contradictory information to what is generally considered as best practise. Which is to have filtered fans and run slightly POSITIVE air pressure in your case. This prevents dust entering in from the sides of the case and other holes.

    Sponsored content has been a bone of contention for some time, done right it can be excellent. There’s a small channel called Woodworking For Mere Mortals that does some superb sponsored stuff. He’s a prime example of how excellent content can be produced in conjunction with sponsors. TESTED have really shown the complete opposite, making poor, inaccurate, misleading content. Content that really has no value to the viewers.

    I’m going to let my premium membership go when it’s time to renew. I can’t support them when they make bad deals like this, the GE partnership and the terrible Honda series. I will gladly support quality content sponsored or not… but it MUST be quality, and that means the content, not just the production values.

    Frankly, I’m surprised Origin are happy with this video, presumably they gave it a green light? Did they not realise how bad the information was?

  5. Agreed fully, I cancelled as well. Will reactivate whenever they either stop these ads or indeed.. just make them great content so I actually would like to buy the things I see.

  6. I’m waiting for the day when gaming PC builders start to think “fluid dynamics” instead of “Moar fans!” Dell and HP can cool a 40-core 2U server with less rotating hardware than that. 🙂 Also – stacking 2 fans is a standard tactic in servers, but they include a short section of stationary baffles between the two so they actually push air instead of just making a tighter tornado.

  7. I was terrified to see control running without CPU cooler. Then realized there isn’t any coolers in case. Having just fans in PC case? Whats the actual point? Its true that negative pressure is more effective, but it will also accumulate more dust. Neutral is actually better than you might think since it has both pros from negative and positive situations.

    This video need part 2. With actually informative testing. More lighting inside the case for one. Couple of different style coolers for CPU and both GPU air cooler types. Without coolers this could have been done with cardboard box.

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