How To Light 1/6 Scale Figures Without Batteries

Norm wraps up the week with a show and tell demoing a power conversion kit that replaces finicky batteries in 1/6 scale and 1/4 scale figures with a wired central power supply. We take a look at the Soap Reactor kit, install it in the Hot Toys Iron Man Mark III, and disassemble the wired batteries to modify their size and show how they work. Now these figures can stay lit up in display cases without draining batteries!

Tested: VR Simulator Cockpit Rig Build!

In anticipation of Star Wars: Squadrons, Norm puts together and tests a flight simulator cockpit kit from Next Level Racing. Made for driving and flight sims, this racing seat works with the Buttkicker bass shaker, our favorite HOTAS and racing wheel, and can be assembled in under two hours. Here's how a sim rig increases the immersion for VR cockpit sims, and we highly recommend it for VR games like Elite Dangerous, Project Cars 3, and Vox Machinae!

Lighting Setup for 1/6 Scale Figure Photography!

Norm shares his lighting setup for photographing sixth scale figures, using a combination of Aputure and Lume Cube LED lights, mounted to his office table with adjustable mounts. We walk through how each light is used and why a mini magic arm mounting solution works so well at this scale. To wrap things up, we put a Hot Toys War Machine figure under this setup for a quick photo session!

Adam Savage's One Day Builds: Thread Tapping Guide Block!

Adam shows you how to make a tapping guide block to help make perfectly aligned screw and bolt threads reliably and with ease. It's a handy accompaniment to the tap set you may have in your own shops, and something that may save you from breaking taps or bolts in the future. Adam dives into the ins and outs of thread tapping, common pitfalls, and his favorite tips and techniques for using these essential tools!