Adam's One Day Builds: Hasbro Mandalorian Helmet Repaint!

Adam shows you how to take Hasbro's The Black Series Mandalorian helmet and make it look more like the prop used on the show.

How To Give LED Strip Lights Special Effects for $10

If you use LED strip for your prop making or diorama builds, here's a quick and cheap way to give those lights some fun effects.

Making Miniature Papercraft Architecture!

For this edition of Model Behavior, Kayte and Norm try their hands at assembling a pair of 1/220 scale architectural papercraft models from Sankei, making use of Kayte's favorite papercrafting tools.

Adam's Guide to Cosplay and Prop Electronics!

Adam walks us through how to draw and implement a wiring diagram to incorporate simple electronics like lights and fans to your cosplay and props.

How To Make a Custom Neon LED Sign!

For a recent wedding anniversary, Norm embarks on making a custom LED-lit display that looks like a neon sign.