How To Professionally Frame Your Artwork at Home!

Properly framing your photos, posters, and other artwork is more than just putting it in an off-the-shelf frame--there are many tricks that professional frame makers use to keep your precious art pristine and looking great on the wall. Jen walks you through the process of making a custom frame using accessible specialty tools and tips she learned from doing this professionally. It's a process that's both satisfying and could also save you a lot of money!

Adventures in 3D-Printing: Lord of the Print

As part of our ongoing adventures in 3D printing, we're putting a spotlight on artists who design specifically for hobby printing in mind. We're starting off with the prolific Lord of the Print, whose Patreon release includes beautiful dragons and characters that are awesome at tabletop size or scaled much larger. Norm walks through his process to prep a godzilla model for printing, and tests a new wash and cure machine that can fit a kaiju-sized print!

Adam Savage's Favorite Tools: Plastic Forming Strip Heater!

Today's tool tip is all about using heat in different ways to form sheet material, whether it's with a blow dryer, dedicated heat gun, or a specialized tool like a plastic forming strip heater. As employed in his recent build of his Iron Man Mark 1 costume, an industrial plastic strip heater can bend sheets of acrylic quickly and evenly, creating convincing parts that double as bent metal. Adam demonstrates how this heater works on one of his favorite materials: foam PVC!

Tested: ResinLapse 3D Printing on Elegoo Saturn!

We test the Elegoo Saturn resin mSLA 3D printer, and capture our test prints using a new time-lapse accessory developed by Uncle Jessy and Andrew Sink! ResinLapse is a clever way to synchronize a Canon DSLR's shutter to the exact moment each layer of your print is cured, producing mesmerizing time-lapse video that looks like a print is emerging smoothly out of resin vat. Norm shows how this works with the Elegoo Saturn and some considerations when 3D printing this way.

Model Behavior: Iron Giant 1/50 Scale Diorama Build!

This week's modelmaking build is a quick and dirty exercise in assembling a diorama out of almost exclusively off-the-shelf parts. Norm pairs a 12-inch tall Iron Giant collectible with O-scale model railroad scenic decor, which at 1/48 scale is exactly in line with the figure's height. The combination of small trees, a readymade wood shed, 3d printed deer, and tiny spotlights helps give the Iron Giant a towering presence appropriate to the beloved character!