Adam's One Day Repairs: Cleaning Micrometer Gauges

This weekend's project is a recovery from a recent mistake, as Adam has to undo a his first attempt at cleaning his set of micrometer screw gauges in which he used too much oil!

Wonder Woman Golden Armor Diorama Build!

We unbox, review, and build a display diorama for the just-released Hot Toys Golden Armor Wonder Woman figure!

Adam's One Day Builds: Gauge Block Storage Rack!

Adam's in a metrology state of mind this week as he sets out to organize his collection of machining gauge blocks and gauge pins, to be kept alongside his mill.

Adam's One Day Builds: Machining Mystery Prop!

Adam takes a break from making spacesuits to start another long-term prop replica project, this time collaborating with other propmakers in realizing a complex hand prop.

Adam's Quick Electronics Wiring Tips!

Adam introduces two simple tools to help simplify your electronics wiring projects: solder seal connectors that eliminate the need for soldering wires together, and an essential wire labeler that can spare you headaches in troubleshooting down the line.