Ask Adam: Life-Size Dream Prop

Adam Reedman asked Adam, “If money, time, etc. weren’t a factor, which full-size working prop would you want to make?” Here’s Adam’s answer!

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  1. If you are really interested on tackling a LRV project, do some research on the 1G trainer or the “Grover”. Both were versions of the rover that were built to work in 1G. (although neither had the wire mesh wheels). The original Grover (stood for Geology rover and was used by the astronauts during their geology training at USGS) was built for about $1500 (in 1969) from parts found in salvage yards.

    And If you do decide to build one, I want in.

  2. When I win the lottery, I’m going to turn my basement into an Emperor’s Throne Room, somewhere I can sit and watch the stars spin from above my Death Star.

  3. Yeah… Those wire mesh tires… A person could put a wire mesh cover over rubber tires, but that would prevent people from being able to see completely through the tire.

  4. While a full-size Stargate would be awesomely huge and hugely impractical, I bet a DHD would be moderately doable.

  5. A working Darth Vader meditation pod – with surround sound and a nice display, of course… can you tell I have kids? 😉

  6. Adam what space ship shown on film from any movie. Star Wars Star Trek Flash Gordon etc. . is your absolute favorite?

  7. #askadamsavage

    I don’t know why, but I often think of the time on mythbusters when you got shocked by the ark of the covenant. What is your favorite prank that you pulled off successfully, and when it comes to pranking your friends, how far is TOO far?

  8. Do you have any personal projects that are completely separate from work? If so, do you do anything to balance between those projects and projects for work?

  9. I say this as a compliment, as I am exactly this as well, you are such a child! My ex told me that, and I took it as a compliment as I have not lost my childlike wonder and excitement for things, even as I approach age 50! So my question is, do either of your sons ever have to talk you out of doing or buying something? My kids have done this. My 15 year old daughter has frequently done this lol. When I go anywhere with her, she is certainly the one in charge!

  10. Now Adam, you have always claimed that you could feed a 2×4 in to your disk sander. Well my question is could you please show what happens when you feed a 2×4 in to your disk sander? 🙂

  11. Adam, thinking of life size props made me think of the Falcon at Galaxy’s Edge. My question is if you had the opportunity to be Chewbacca for a day at Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge would you?

  12. Adam,

    First, I love you,

    Second, I dream of the day you make a Prometheus Space Suite. I saw the beginnings in another build video a while ago.

    If I could have anything in the world it would be my own Prometheus Space Suite, I love this space suite SO MUCH its Amazing. it is my dream.

    Thanks Adam

    Love to you and the team.



    Ps. Norm is my hero.

  13. Hey Adam,

    As a young maker who plans to turn this into a career I plan to go to a school which offers a program where i can intern and have it count for school credit, is there any interesting shops that provide internships that I should get in contact with to visit???

    Also: if there is any contact info for any of these shops you might mention in your answer, can you send those to me??

    Thanks, a kid named Caleb

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