Ask Adam: Favorite Shop Stool

Adam Savage answers this question from Callum Smith: “What stools do you use in the shop ? I find most are either uncomfortable, rigid or unmovable.”

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  1. Don’t you get annoyed by every little piece of wood, sawdust, plastic or other crap blocking the casters from moving?

    I don’t know the difference between casters in that way, but my crappy office chair just stops moving at any little speck of debree on the ground, and i’m in my bedroom. I can’t imagine rolling nicely through a shop like yours. (or maybe you keep your floors really clean, idk).

  2. Hi Adam, since we know that you’re a friend of Guillermo Del Toro, I was wondering if you could tell us what are your favorite illustrators and painters and do you share a common interest with Guillermo on that level. Cheers from France

  3. Casters can be the bane of any shop stool, especially since, as Adam said, they are prone to deforming over time. On top of that, most casters sold with newer stools and chairs are crap. I discovered replacement casters made by the Office Oasis that use hard rubber roller blade wheels and bearings. Wow! They glide over anything! I’ve ended up putting them on all my rolling stools and desk chairs. Work great on carpet too.

  4. Hi Adam, as someone who is currently struggling to balance work with home life, I was wondering; how on Earth do you find the time to fit in everything that you do?

  5. As soon as the camera panned down I recognized that stool from my GP’s office, before Adam confirmed that it is indeed from a manufacturer of medical equipment.

    My GP just retired and put his clinic up for sale too! Wonder if he’s liquidating the office furniture.

  6. #askadamsavage

    Two part question: have you ever taken a job and regretted it completely and absolutely (I don’t mean employment, I mean work for hire) Second, have you ever turned down a job because either it was too weird or the client was too weird?

    William Aka the bearded cosplayer

  7. I think the “Tested Clan” should put their heads together and design and build the “perfect” shop stool.

    only if they overdesign/overengineer it

  8. Regarding #askadamsavage

    They say necessity is the mother of invention that being the case.

    What item or tool have you made out of necessity to solve a problem, is the one you’re most proud of ?Either due to its elegance,simplicity or or indeed for the fact it has changed how you tackle a task when faced with it again.

  9. I got one of these from here for not too much money:

    It is indeed a very nice stool. The cushion is extremely firm yet yielding. It rolls smoothly but not so smoothly that you feel unstable, even if your garage floor has a severe slope to it. I kinda prefer the pneumatic lifts personally, but you do get more adjustment range from the threaded post, and it’s unlikely to ever need replacement in my lifetime.

    Took about two weeks for them to upholster it and deliver.

  10. When you were first as a maker did you find it difficult to sell yourself along with your product?
    How do you show that your knowledgeable and skilled in your field is the maker and explaining your process with out coming off arrogant ?

  11. Just an FYI for those that found this video and are interested in the Brewer stool, haven’t found a used one, and are thinking they might just get a new one: Brewer has discontinued the model. They are, however, still making the last of them while they run out their stock of parts. Some suppliers are confused by this and will cancel your order, but Brewer steered me to a supplier that was able to fulfill it for me. Here is the URL (while supplies last):

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