Ask Adam Savage

Ask Adam: Injuries and Sleepless Nights During MythBusters

Tested members Silver Defender, Evan Cops and Jason Jones ask MythBusters-related questions on everything from sleepless nights, the Crimes and MythDemeanors climbing rig and injuries during filming.

Ask Adam: Metric vs Imperial Plus Shop Tripping Hazards

In this livestream excerpt, Tested members Rohan Knox and TheDudeJB ask: "If you could, would you convert to the metric system?" and "Have you had the issue of trip and fall hazards and if so, what was your solution?"

Ask Adam: The Most Difficult Part of a Spacesuit to Replicate

In this livestream excerpt, Tested members Dylan and Lee Marsh ask what the most difficult part of a spacesuit for Adam to replicate is, and whether Adam would ever design his own costume to fit into an existing movie universe, such as Alien.

Ask Adam: Creating Exaggerated Props for Story Purposes

In this livestream excerpt, Tested member BetterinWriting wrote to Adam, "I'm quite fascinated by the quality of exaggeration that theatre props have to possess in order to convey narrative things to audiences from far yet close distances. How do you go about creating a prop with that characteristic, what are some of your favorite theatre props that you've had to make in the past, and are there any theatre-specific props that you want to make in the future?"

Ask Adam: "The Tools I Always Have With Me"

In this livestream excerpt Adam answers questions from Cohort61, maggs131 and Logan Erwin about which tools Adam always carries with him, why he collects old tools and whether he does preliminary sketches for all projects.