Ask Adam Savage

Ask Adam: Has Celebrity Changed Adam's Con Experience?

In this excerpt from a recent live stream, Adam answers questions from Sean Vedell, Joelle Brooke, Joe Niedbala and James Dutrow on everything from comic-con conventions to what book Adam's reading to properly measuring and designing with allowances in mind.

Myths Adam Regrets Tackling, and Much Much More

In this live stream -- sponsored by Blundstone USA -- Adam takes YOUR questions about his film and TV career, including MythBusters, Star Wars, and everything in between.

The One Thing Adam Became Expert at During MythBusters

Tested member Mr. Roboto asked, "Were there any skills that you were average at when Mythbusters began and excellent at when the show ended?"

Ask Adam: On Turning a Hobby Into a (Still Enjoyable) Business

Tested member Mikael asks, "I'm in the process of turning my hobby of making into a side business, but I'm scared it won't be fun anymore, because it'll be work.

Adam's Favorite Tools: Heat Gun and Iron!

Inspired by one of his favorite YouTube channels (Ted Woodford's guitar repairs, aka @twoodfrd), Adam recently upgraded from an essential household iron to a more precise digital banding iron.