Ask Adam Savage

Ask Adam Savage: Favorite Object Built on MythBusters

In the filming of a 2006 MythBusters episode Adam made one of his FAVORITE objects ever, which he talks about during his answer to Tested member Kyle Bennette's question.

Ask Adam Savage: Performing for an Audience vs. a Camera

Tested member Danny Curry asks, "What were some of the more exciting parts of traveling/performing live as opposed to pre-recorded and edited TV? And what were some things you didn't like about it?" Here's Adam's answer.

Ask Adam Savage: "Why I Actually Hate Duct Tape"

Tested member Aurelio Paez asks, "We all love duct tape. What's the best duct tape brand for you?" Here's Adam's perhaps surprising (well, to MythBusters fans, anyway) answer.

Ask Adam Savage: Predicting Results on MythBusters

Tested member Steve B asked Adam, "In the early seasons of Mythbusters, one of my favorite parts of each episode was where you would give a percent chance of what you thought could happen in any given test. That went away as the show progressed, is there a reason for that?"

Ask Adam Savage: How MythBusters' Crew Size Changed Over Time

How did the MythBusters camera and safety crew size change throughout the years? Who actually cleaned the location sites after each myth? Tested members Kyle Bennette and Justin Bakonyi asked Adam; here are Adam's answers.