Ask Adam Savage

Ask Adam Savage: Predicting Results on MythBusters

Tested member Steve B asked Adam, "In the early seasons of Mythbusters, one of my favorite parts of each episode was where you would give a percent chance of what you thought could happen in any given test. That went away as the show progressed, is there a reason for that?"

Ask Adam Savage: How MythBusters' Crew Size Changed Over Time

How did the MythBusters camera and safety crew size change throughout the years? Who actually cleaned the location sites after each myth? Tested members Kyle Bennette and Justin Bakonyi asked Adam; here are Adam's answers.

Ask Adam Savage: On Sharing Your Workshop

After some initial distractions, Adam answers Tested member Jaimy V.S.'s question, "In the past or present, how do you deal with other people using your shop who might not have the same affinity for order and proper tool use as you?"

Ask Adam Savage: Shop Anchor Points

Adam Savage answers Tested Member Wayne Lewis' question: "Kitchens have a common recipe of sink, fridge, range being anchor points that form a triangle. What are the anchor points in your shop?"

Ask Adam Savage: Testing the Bulletproof Water Myth

There was something about the Bulletproof Water MythBusters episode that always bothered Tested member Evan Currie. Here's his question, and Adam Savage's answer.