Ask Adam Savage

Ask Adam: On Conflict Related to Sharing Tools

In this membership preview, Tested subscribers Gwyneth K and Robert Houseman ask about sharing as well as about discontinued tools.

Ask Adam: Processing Negative Emotions Associated With Making

In this livestream excerpt, Adam answers very similar questions from Tested members Joelle Brooke, SP Productions and Tmber Hoy about processing negative feelings associated with making things.

Ask Adam: Props That Have NEVER Been Properly Replicated

In this livestream excerpt, Tested Members Thomas Esson and King Sponge & Leech ask Adam about a prop that he feels has eluded accurate replication and if Adam ever considered making Hellboy's Big Baby.

Ask Adam: When Did You Know Making Would Be A Sustainable Career?

In this livestream excerpt, Adam answers Tested member Hrushka's question, "At what point did you know that making was going to be a sustainable career?"

Ask Adam: What IS It About The Matrix?

In this livestream excerpt, Tested members Rita Bowman and Jens Bååth ask Adam about his affinity for The Matrix films, as well as the former Tested series "The Talking Room."