Ask Adam Savage

Ask Adam Savage: "How I Broke My Neck"

"When you told the story about the sign you 'retrieved' from the closed gymnasium, you mentioned falling off the water tower and breaking your neck. Did we hear that correctly? The story please!"

Ask Adam Savage: "Which Star Wars Scenes Bring You Joy?"

In this excerpt from his Star Wars Day live stream, Adam answers questions from Tested members D Quartermane, Vickie Bligh, Charles White and Jason Cutrone.

Ask Adam Savage: Favorite Life Experience as a Result of MythBusters

Tested member Gary Chang asks, "What's your favorite life experience on MythBusters that you don't think you would have done otherwise?" Here's Adam's answer (and no, his ultimate answer isn't given away by the thumbnail)!

Ask Adam Savage: Favorite Object Built on MythBusters

In the filming of a 2006 MythBusters episode Adam made one of his FAVORITE objects ever, which he talks about during his answer to Tested member Kyle Bennette's question.

Ask Adam Savage: Performing for an Audience vs. a Camera

Tested member Danny Curry asks, "What were some of the more exciting parts of traveling/performing live as opposed to pre-recorded and edited TV? And what were some things you didn't like about it?" Here's Adam's answer.