Ask Adam Savage

Ask Adam Savage: Behind the MythBusters Cement Truck Explosion

In this livestream excerpt, Adam answers MythBusters-related questions from Tested members DFriendly, Tyler Vigeant and Aaron about blowing up water heaters, who Adam talks to when speaking to camera, and what went through Adam's head when the cement truck blew up.

Ask Adam: Job Interview Advice, Jamie's Flamethrower and More

In this live-stream excerpt Adam answers questions from Tested members Michael Fisher, Eliot Thomas, Andrew Montgomery and Silver Defender about prioritizing projects, interviewing for gigs, touching something that's been to space and standing in front of Jamie's flamethrower.

Ask Adam: The Origin of M5, M6 and M7 (Plus, Their Neighbors)

Adam answers questions from Tested members Aaron and Silver Defender in this livestream excerpt about the origins of M5, M6 & M7, and how the neighbors felt about being next to the shops.

Why Adam ALWAYS Uses Center Drills

Tested Patron moultriemanicmechanic asked Adam, "Why don't you use center drills to start holes when you are using the lathe?

Ask Adam Savage: Will I Ever Retire, Plus Combatting Negative Feedback

Adam answers live-stream questions from Tested members LexLuthorJr and wayn3w about combatting negative feedback and thoughts about his own retirement.