Adam Savage’s Blade Runner Blimp Replica!

It’s now 2019, the year in which Blade Runner takes place. And while there are no Nexus 6 replicants running around, here’s one thing from the film brought to life. Adam and modelmaker Kayte Sabicer reveal the Blade Runner blimp prop replica they’ve been working on for months!

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25 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s Blade Runner Blimp Replica!

  1. Excellent! It is great to see work done for just the love of it. I think it is safe to assume this is a one-of-a-kind build.

  2. Looks like some B-roll is missing at 02:50.

    Great video, anyone got a link to the video files that Adam mentioned?

  3. Beautiful model! Might I suggest getting some matte screen protectors for the tablet screens? Seems out of place to have the shiny, reflective glass be so visible, especially when rotating the model.

  4. Such a great build, although I thought that all the real animals in the BR universe are supposed to be dead (at least on Earth), those you see in the film are supposed to be artificial, so there wouldn’t be any bird poop. Creative license is a good thing though 😉

    Any chance Norm could take a video too so we can hear the full recording?

  5. Amazing! Great work Kate! Are there any WIP pictures/video ? I’m really interested how the fiberoptics work in this model…

  6. It’s only touched upon very briefly in the movie, but a recurring element of the story in the book is the prestige of owning a real live animal.

    The movie also ends with the scene of Roy and the pigeon, although that could be an artificial bird.

    Do artificial pigeons poop on electric blimps?

  7. Stunning work! The attention to detail and craftsmanship are amazing. Especially nice job on the weathering. Looking forward to some build photos.

  8. Lantz This is the second one out there now 😉

    The screens are a challenge. The original used a vacuum formed plastic sheet from a kid’s game (now missing from the model as it stands today) and the ads were composited on. Shots of Bill building the original version before he left production for ILM (when the blimp had three screens) show that pretty well. This material was also used on the side of the building(s) for the footage of the Geisha, etc – I think a larger sheet was used on the building, as I have two versions of the game and the sizes seem to match up with the miniatures. To get the right look on the replica, you’d need to scale down the vacced sheet by 50%, and project the film onto the surface. Matting the screen was something I considered when I built mine, but never pulled the trigger (nozzle).

  9. This is amazing. Is there a source for the off-world advertising b-roll? I’m working on a display for some Blade Runner props and this would be amazing to have cycling on a monitor behind everything.

  10. Adam and I are the only ones with the footage as far as I know. It was not shared lightly so I respect the original request to keep it “in the blimp”.

  11. This is the best! I just re-watched this video for the Nth time. Props to Kayte and Adam for this wonderful art — you’re awesome. 🙂

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