Assembling the 2,500 Piece 3D-Printed Sculpture!

At this year’s Nation of Makers conference, Adam Savage meets up with Jen Schachter and Todd Blatt to help with their latest We the Builders project: a sculpture of Rosie the Riveter comprised of over 2,500 3D-printed parts! The parts were crowdsourced from makers all around the world, and the assembly is truly a team effort. Find out more about the process and get involved at

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4 thoughts on “Assembling the 2,500 Piece 3D-Printed Sculpture!

  1. I’ve been looking forward to this video since following the project. I’m sure there are lots of things you would do differently if another sculpture of this size was attempted. Great work Jen and Todd! Thanks Tested.

  2. all i was missing was the sweeping shot around the piece so we could see its awesomeness in the round. Such a cool project.

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