Show and Tell: Laser-Cut Memory Sphere Display

Sean experiments with designing for laser cutting in this prop replica project inspired by Blade Runner 2049. Using our Universal Systems laser cutter, he makes a futuristic-looking display stand for the memory spheres that appear in the film. We talk through his design process and assemble this neat light-up stand. Find the memory orb replica here.

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17 thoughts on “Show and Tell: Laser-Cut Memory Sphere Display

  1. Beautiful display! If you do decide to sell a kit could you please let me/us know, I’d love one for my sphere!

  2. Will do!

    Also note that we accidentally used Take 1 of the close-up assembly – where I assemble it wrong! 😉

  3. Well done, if you go there I would love to buy a kit as well, please keep us posted. I did just buy an orb on ETSY thx for that tip !

  4. I thought there were two lights either side that spun around the orb. It looks like a neopixel strip inside the box the orb is lowered into.

  5. Cool display! Just find out that the sphere is not available anymore, but I would love to buy a kit anyway, please keep us posted.

  6. we ran out of orbs! But more are on order as well as parts for more displays – probably about 2 weeks. Will announce on Etsy and Twitter.

    Thanks for the interest.

  7.   Got my kit a few months ago, then proceeded to break my arm/wrist so all I’ve been able to do is look at the box. 😢 Arm’s finally nearly better and I can’t wait to get this built! Looks great on the video, Sean. Excited to start my FIRST build in a very long time.

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