Adam Savage and Vsauce’s Michael Stevens Geek Out Over Watches

Michael from Vsauce stops by Adam’s cave to geek out over wrist watches! Both Adam and Michael are timepiece enthusiasts, and share with each other a few favorites from their respective collections. They could go on about horology for hours! See Adam and Michael this fall on their Brain Candy tour! For tickets and info, visit

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15 thoughts on “Adam Savage and Vsauce’s Michael Stevens Geek Out Over Watches

  1. Loved this.

    Check out the ‘Seiko 5s’, extremely affordable at <$100. The automtic movements have been mass produced and improved for decades and are often more accurate than some 'Swiss' at ten times the price. You can bash them around and not worry, or bother with servicing every 5 years. There are hundreds of different models and versions around so great to mix and match components. Not sure if the Adam's Seiko diver is a true Seiko 5, a bit more expensive I think.

  2. This is wonderful.

    My pride and joy is a late 50s Smiths wind up “pocket” watch, that is as close as I’ve been able to find to the original Smiths watches, used inside the classic Mini Coopers for timing the Monte Carlo Rally in the early 60s. The winding is at the 6 o clock position (to keep steady when mounted on the dash), and, when wound, it makes me warm and fuzzy inside to hear it ticking away. Just need to find a way to mount it in my old Mini.

    I’ve also just come across Svalbard 24 hour, single handed, “slow” watches. I know it’s in fashion, but, jeez, has it ever helped with my high blood pressure. Taking time less seriously, not fiendishly looking at every passing minute… It’s helped calm me down over long work days, and actually made time feel like it’s going by faster.

  3. Great stuff… analogue watches are the best. I always wanted a single-hand 24h 12-at-top watch with a day-of-week and date window, but could never find one that didn’t cost hundreds. This has prompted me to try looking again, you never know.

  4. Really interesting video, the concept of ‘modding’ Seiko watches was fascinating. However, this video could have greatly benefited from some macro insert shots of the watches. You couldn’t really appreciate the details from the closeups.

  5. At around the age of 21 I bought myself a Seiko Lunar Phase Watch and love it, I’m 51 now and it’s still working beautifully.

    It’s a very light watch, I’ve tried wearing watches like Adam has and it’s like wearing a brick on my arm in contrast to mine.

  6. my dad has a Seamaster like that, apparently it has a capsule that fills the watch with nitrogen if it gets too deep.

  7. I love a good watch chat. I tend to be a bit singular in my watches I’ll find one I like then wear it to death, as I’ve got older and had better watches that interval has gotten a bit longer. At the moment I’m swapping between a smartwatch 3 and a citizen Skyhawk red arrows edition, it’s been one of my favourites, nice nod to my air force connection and a really stylish watch with a million features I never use.

    I have discovered I’m a bit of a citizen fan, the solar is better than automatic if you are jumping between watches and are forgetful enough not to wind them are have a massive winder to store them on.

    I’m half in the market for a new watch soon and have been thinking it’s time for an omega, but can’t decide between a seamaster or a speedmaster, I like a seamaster, but the pedigree of the speedmaster makes it a really appealing watch.

  8. Loved this! And I have to confess, I’ve been the guy freeze-framing videos to see what you were wearing.

    To answer a question or two from the video because I’m a huge watch nerd:

    Crystals: Omega uses sapphire, which is very scratch resistant, but a bit less impact resistant. Seiko uses a proprietary mineral glass called Hardlex, which scratches more easily but is more impact resistant. This seems to be backed up by experience – I’ve got watches with both types, and while I haven’t broken a crystal, one of my Seikos is indeed scratched.

    Bezel: The gradations for the 1st 20 minutes or so are for timing decompression stops when diving. This piece – – does a lovely job explaining the history. My favorite bit is that dive watch bezels only turn in one direction so if you accidentally bump it you always err on the side of caution. Design at its finest.

    One other thing – Adam mentioned pushing both pushers (sorry, that’s what they’re called) on a chronograph can cause damage. Similarly, for Seiko especially, but really all mechanical watches with date windows, only use the quick-set date function when the hands are in the lower half of the watch face. If the date wheel is engaged and you try to use quick-set you can/will damage the movement.

    I’m about to jump into the modding world. Not sure if it’ll be my current diver like Adam’s or a Monster, but either way I think it’s getting a murdered-out matte black case, either Cerakote or PVD.

  9. I’m right there with you on the Omega thing. I’m a space nerd and love the Moonwatch, but man the Planet Ocean (in all its variants) is tempting. A siren song, if you will.

  10. I recently purchased an Seiko SKX and love it. I recommend getting a replacement bracelet from Strapcode though. Much better quality and much heftier, and not too expensive.

    Does anyone know what the counter clockwise watch is called? Might have to be my next purchase….

  11. I’ve been wearing a Seiko SKX007 for the last few years, I really love the watch. I use a super oyster band on it, the rubber band that came with it is a bit stiff.

  12. this was interesting, despite me being a complete anti-wristwatch person. (for one, i dislike carrying stuff on my wrists. i’m a crazy stickler for type and design, and haven’t yet seen a watch face i’d consider beautiful in 35 years of life. i have thin wrists – 16cm circumference – and most male-sized watches look comical on them anyway. and finally, i dislike my subjective notion of wristwatches as self-imposed manacles to constant hurry.) but it’s always interesting to hear people just talk about things they are passionate about. there’s always something interesting to learn or something alien to understand a bit better. 🙂

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