Adam Savage’s Maker Tour: Incite Focus

In Detroit Adam Savage stops by Incite Focus, a socially focused production and training lab, where he lends a hand building an open-source, net-zero-energy micro-cabin that could revolutionize housing. (This series and tour is made possible by The Fab Foundation and Chevron.)

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9 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s Maker Tour: Incite Focus

  1. Amazing project! Thank you Tested for visiting Detroit and showing off this wonderful space, using innovative ideas and technology to address difficult issues such as housing for all.

  2. I had the enormous please of meeting Blair and hearing him speak when he came to Ireland a couple of years ago for a conference on Digital Fabrication and Community. He was as awe-inspiring then as he is on this video. His quiet confidence, eloquence, intelligence and overall big heartedness completely blew me away that day and seeing him talk about how his vision for Detroit is shaping up just fills me with so much hope for the communities that he is helping.

    Thanks Adam for highlighting the work of this amazing man and his fantastic organisation.

  3. Absolutely loved him. What a great episode and looking forward to be seeing more. More social consciousness themed videos please!

  4. Wow, Blair Evans is amazing. Detroit is one of my favorite cities and is the poster child of urban resilience. Thank you, Adam, for interviewing Blair and highlighting the program. Please go back.

  5. Adam

    you for this series – it is thoroughly fascinating. I was wondering if you, or
    someone else is collating all the findings of these visits together in a report
    or some other media. I am asking as I am currently active in a project to build
    a new business school building with an innovation hub and maker space as an
    integrated element of the school, and it would be great to see the commonalities
    and the differences between the sites you have visited.

    Thank you.

  6. I really love this video, and the spirit of this project!

    Blair has been one of the best guests of this series, you must do a follow up!

    I have always thought of CNC’d houses as the way of the future since I saw this episode of Grand Designs. It’s great to see it applicable to low cost homes as well.

  7. great project, great video!

    now lets get them the cheap Maslow CNC so they can also use cheap tools to make these things.

  8. This could be a huge solution for the homeless and disadvantaged in every community and major city. I think that one of the next steps would be to design what a community with a number of these residences would look like. Right down to the landscaping. The most resistance that this project could possibly face would be from the cities involved and maybe even more so the current home owners. The cities will have problems dividing up land and making it low cost because why have 10 cheap lots where 1 normal one could be for 10x the price. The people who currently own houses in the communities may take a step back when they hear that this type of housing will be moving into a neighborhood just because of the different aesthetic it will bring to their neighbor hood. You also don’t want the people living in these houses thinking that they are living in a small trailer park or in a shipping yard.

    Designing small communities that look great that can be plopped into existing neighborhoods while maintaining or improving on the current look and feel of the existing neighborhood is the challenge. If you can solve that then the sky is the limit.

    As far as getting the cities to buy in, who knows. They are going to want to sell land for the most they can so they can bring in the most they can. You need cities to WANT to help people out and to go above and beyond to do so.

    This is a great cause with limitless potential once certain hurdles are crossed. It would be exciting to try and help make this a reality world wide.

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