Adam Savage Incognito as King Arthur at Comic-Con 2017!

Adam fulfills his lifelong dream of becoming King Arthur from the film Excalibur at San Diego Comic-Con! This year’s costume is a full suit of armor from Excalibur, made by legendary armorer Terry English who made all the armor for the film. Adam spent over a week at Terry’s shop assisting with this build, culminating in this beautiful shiny suit that’s surprisingly comfortable to move in!

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18 thoughts on “Adam Savage Incognito as King Arthur at Comic-Con 2017!

  1. Man, that is a beautiful looking suit of armour! Props to you and Terry, you did an amazing job. Can’t wait to see the build videos!!

  2. The feather really tops off the whole look. Too bad your squire couldn’t follow along carrying your sword behind you.

  3. Fabulous costume- cannot wait to see the build on this! Really curious to know what alloy was used as well as material thickness. As someone who beats metal with a hammer for a living I’ve been a fan of Terry English for a long time. 🙂

  4. that is a damn fabulous costume!

    as for adam’s discomfort wearing the (plastic) mail underneat the plate, lemme put on my nerd glasses for a moment.

    you’d normally wear a padded garment – a gambeson – underneath the mail. it’s several layers of wool or linen quilted together, and filled with horse hair (or similar). it is a surprisingly effective piece of armour in its own right, and a bit of a shame that it’s so often overlooked.

    for a mike loades documentary, they hired archers from the english warbow society to shoot arrows at a dead pig armed with a piece of gambeson material. a normal sized bodkin (a somewhat stubby pyramid-shaped point, slightly less diameter than the half-inch shaft it’s mounted on) was stopped by it. a bodkin like that, loosened from a 120–140 lbs bow can punch through even riveted chainmail. contrariwise, a broadhead arrow, with its sharpened barbs, would easily cut the gambeson’s fibers, but is usually caught by chainmail. (especially the so-called swallowtail broadheads, that would otherwise leave a devastating 4–5 cm wide canal, through both flesh and bone)

    the chances of defeating mail and gambeson rise with type 16 broadheads, that have their barbs very close to the socket, but the real key weapon against it is the needle bodkin, with its pyramid point stretched much longer. needle bodkins were a bit of a mystery for a good while, because they were only found unhardened. their long tip would bend or curl when shot against plate, while its shorter cousin would punch through mail just as well. only when gambesons were revealed to be functional armour in their own right, they made more sense.

  5. That looks awesome. As an SG-1 cosplayer, I know how much of a pain weapon check can be sometimes, but I know how important it is for safety and piece of mind (even if I get hassled every time I walk through a door despite the multiple peace locks).

  6. I’m not surprised that it was comfortable, and it isn’t flexibility that would worry me about wearing armor. You’re in the middle of summer, in California…and you’re wearing plate. It’s not the mobility, it’s the heat that I’d worry about.

  7. I was in line for Hall H when we were discussing Tested just as Adam walked by. I figured you were on your way to your panel. Earlier, I saw a couple of people wheeling a big suit of armor down a busy and bumpy pathway.I hadn’t connected the two till I saw Adam and the Armor making this bizarre parade back to the hotel afterwards. Congrats on the suit of armor!

  8. Great armor! I did have to chuckle at ~10:40, when Adam said “Imagine actually having to fight in something like this … it’d be a knightmare.” Well, yeah.
    And I’ll just leave that there. Don’t worry, I’ll see myself out.

  9. I don’t mean to rain on the love fest but…… ummm….. doesn’t “incognito” mean you don’t answer “yes” when people ask who you are? (you had a mshroud covering your whole head). It’s a cool costume of course but this seems terribly attention-seeking and ego-feeding to me. I mean, go for it, if you desire the attention from being “incognito” and all just…… SMH.

  10. …doesn’t having a camera follow you kind of give it away!? often wondered in previous con’s whether it was the following entourage that gives it away.

  11. Johndiz, it’s always received as a gift when Adam tells someone it’s him. And I’m really impressed how most folks don’t scream “OMG, it’s Adam Savage!” . They seem to be very respectful of him and keep the secret for him. Pretty classy if you ask me.

  12. This is the Costume i have waited for for so long!!!!!!
    John Boorman’s Excalibur is one of my al time favourites.

    The Arthur (Nigel Terry) wedding armour is awesome, i also love the Patrick stewart Leondegrance

    This was epic – cant wait to see more.

    Awesome stuff professor savage!!!!

  13. Really nice! I’m jealous of the mobility in that… I haven’t been able to get that kind of movement with the armor I’ve built in the past… although I’m working on improving the ‘custom fit’ with mine, so this gives me some hope.

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