Adam Savage’s Maker Tour: Artists of Artisan’s Asylum

Adam meets some of the residents — including the creator of a robot orphanage — of the 40,000 square-foot, 400-member community makerspace Artisan’s Asylum, and sees some of their absolutely stunning work. (This series and tour is made possible by The Fab Foundation and Chevron.)

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2 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s Maker Tour: Artists of Artisan’s Asylum

  1. Adam and Norm,

    We’ve been long-time Tested readers. Thanks so much for all of the inspiration throughout the years. We launched a 3d printing project last year documenting New York City via aerial photogrammetry and a lot of manual 3d modeling using our background as architects. We’d love to send you one as a “thank you” for all of the motivation you’ve given us.

    Please let us know whether there’s a specific landmark or address we can send you.



  2. man, i’m just over the moon. what amazing things these guys do. i’m with adam, i’d not mind spending more time and seeing more of the folks at work there.

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