In-Depth with the 3D-Printed GhostBusters Ghost Trap!

We’ve shown you Sean’s Ghost Trap replica prop, but there’s a lot more to talk about in terms of the 3D-printed model’s individual components, parts design, and electronics that brings it alive. It’s a kit designed for 3D printing and assembly, after all. Sean and Jeremy explain how they collaborated on the lights and sounds on the trap, which are appropriately activated by the 3d-printed pedal! The files to print your own are here! (Thanks to Dremel for providing the 3D printer and allowing us to build this project.)

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli

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26 thoughts on “In-Depth with the 3D-Printed GhostBusters Ghost Trap!

  1. Guys, you are awesome!

    Thanks for sharing the 3D Files!

    Of to the printer! 😀 Can’t wait to build that too.

  2. Once again, well done Sean! Love the detail that went into this.

    FYI to expand on available 3D models, McMaster Carr’s website has multiple reference files available for pretty much every item in both 3D and 2D forms…. for FREE!

  3. Wow.. This is why I love Tested.
    I would love to see a video with Jeremy explaining basic arduino/raspberryPi functions and his workflow.
    Great work Sean!

  4. I agree! Perhaps this would fit into something like a ‘Week of Build’ format where everyone gets a basic arduino and Jeremy walks everyone through simple programming and gradually adds functionality each day.

    I know code doesn’t really show well on video, but I have faith that Norm and the Tested team could make it work.

  5. Hey, Sean, what did you think of the Dremel 3D printer? Will we be getting a review of that anytime soon?

  6. 2:40 I wonder why you didn’t use fiber optic cable? If you used telecommunications cable (readily available) you could take 2 of the 8 tiny cables and just have the pedal interrupt the signal.

  7. I shall copy & paste my response to why I didn’t use an air pressure sensor instead of my complicated hardwire solution 😉

    ‘Complicated’ is relative. For someone with a lot of electronics and sensor knowledge this may have been easy. I am not an electronics expert, so I went with the ‘hardwired’ version which was pretty straight forward. We had enough problems getting everything to work and add smoke without adding a pneumatic system fiber optics system. The cost of the electronics was also going way up and I wanted to get it as low as possible. Anyone with a soldering iron can do the hardwire, harder to add the air fiber optics system, but it would be really cool – I know someone will do it. 😉

  8. This is amazing, perfect timing to go with the GhostBusters pinball. May have to break in the office 3d printer.

  9. Wait, so Dremel sponsors you guys to do this. You release a 30 minute video where you mention the brand name twice, don’t mention the name of the product at all. But give 7 shout outs to Adafruit.

    I’m sure Dremel is happy about how this turned out 😛

    But Nice work Sean and Jeremy! 🙂

    [offtopic] Am I the only one who can’t mention people by username anymore?

  10. I see your point, I know a tiny bit about fiber optics but enough to know it actually would have been much simpler to implement and not expensive, so I bet someone does do it eventually 😛

  11. +1 on the jeremy very basic primer to arduino and stuff. that’s a great idea. doesn’t even need to be a series, but the kind of introduction that gets one from ‘yeah, i heard the name and saw people do stuff with it’ to having a basic orientation so that you can formulate your own questions.

    because that’s one of the big issues, as i see it: pretty much everything imaginable is explained somewhere on the internet. what’s crucial to finding it is the ability to write the right stuff into your search engine of choice, and that requires a certain basic knowledge of concepts and vocabulary.

  12. re commenting problems: no, same here. i can reply to single people by using the reply link underneath each comment, but the menu that lets you pick out usernames when you type an @ is borked. also, comments with a lot of numbers in them don’t post. this whole system here is FUBAR.

  13. Yeah, it’s the same here. Reply to one person works, but as soon as you type an ‘at’ symbol, stuff goes terribly wrong 😛

  14. Tested is like a superhero universe, it is the crossovers and team-ups that provide the best stuff 🙂

    Sean and Adam on the motivator, Jeremy and Adam on the Kirk chair, Bill and Frank on the District 9 cosplay, Frank and Adam on Ackbar, pure gold all of them!

  15. I highly doubt anyone is missing the giant printer standing on the table if a compressor stored in the corner of the frame was enough to cause a sponsorship concern. I’m more concerned about their hidden agenda concerning wood, walls, lights and shelves, and tables. And possibly hands? They’re obviously sponsored by humans with heads. They’re very (might I dare say transparently?) pro-cranium.

    I also think they’re confident tested users are comfortable around using the google if search suggestions are any indication. 🙂

  16. One thing I’d like to add to the wish list, you know because no one but me has enough to do in their life*:

    Having it occasionally struggle more or less with containment.

    *Just to be a jerk.

    Also don’t smoke antifreeze, there was a big thing about it being in dog food which caused quite a state with lot’s of lawsuits for overtaxed and failing internal organs, and very probable causes of cancer directly linked to a brand using it to provide a false appearance of freshness (much like less regulated countries use it in things like cookies and other baked goods and herbs.)

    There is also little to no way for the private consumer to know exactly how much glycol is involved in your E-liquid production, and if the textbook dry mouth is any indication there could be quite a lot of it.

    And if it’s labeled organic it might well be a byproduct of biodiesel production again involving substances hard for the private consumer to trace.

  17. All I’m saying is that if I sponsored someone to do something like this, I would at least expect them to mention the product they used 😉

    Overall the printing aspect seems more an afterthought than a goal. As a sponsor I’d not be happy.

    As a viewer, I don’t care whatsoever, I enjoyed the video and project 🙂

  18. That’s really funny. As a guy who vapes, I saw the cheapie cigalike and thought, why are you using something with flavorings and nicotine, why not just use pure vegetable glycerine as that’s where the clouds come from? And there you go, you showed the final ones in use with refillable tanks. Also, you should be able to buy VG at CVS or Walmart for a couple bucks.

    Anyway, great work with this. I’d love to build one myself. I have a coworker who has a friend with access to a 3D printer, but seeing as I still have a box of Stormtrooper armor I’ve yet to start on, I don’t think I’ll be able to take this on at the moment.

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