Adam Savage’s Comic-Con 2015 Panel (with Special Guests!)

Adam’s full Comic-Con 2015 panel, in which he’s joined by a few special guests on stage. Over the course of the hour, Adam and friends talk about Mythbusters, science education, costuming, and take questions from the audience!

Shot and edited by Joey Fameli

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27 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s Comic-Con 2015 Panel (with Special Guests!)

  1. I don’t really like correcting, BUT the Mythbusters were right in using pounds as a unit of mass. 1 lb = 0,4536 kg, so it’s a totally a unit of mass. It’s not the SI unit, but they’re interchangeable with that conversion factor. Weight is equal to mass times the gravitational field strength and is measured in Newtons, or pounds-force if you’re insane/american. The graphic said lb and not lbf, mass not weight.

    I’m so sorry, but I had to…

  2. In high school I did yard work for a super nice retired aeronautical engineer who would tell me all about his days at Lockheed Skunkworks doing airfoil design for the U2 and SR71. Convinced me to be an aeronautical engineer, but a happy paperwork accident landed me in electrical engineering.

  3. Wow, what a fun panel. “let’s take a question or two” introduce awesome person, everyone goes wild! lather rinse, repeat!

  4. Double post for some odd reason. Edited this to make it different. Wondering how many more sdcc videos and content are left, also wishing I was there in person, hopefully next year.

  5. I thought 52 minutes was going to be long for a q’n’a session,. boy was I wrong,. it was over way to fast. Could’ve watched it for a whole day.

  6. Since Jamie can’t go, Adam should bring Alton on tour. I couldnt afford to go, but just knowing that they are touring together would make me happy.

    Or if they had a show on Travel Channel, traveling to other countries Anthony Bourdain style

  7. You do realise that the formula for Piranha is well known at this point. Even Wikipedia has numerous links that describe how it is made. (Admittedly I was a little surprised).

  8. I was a bit disappointed that only one question sparked some real conversation on stage with everybody giving their own thoughts about it, the rest was basically about Adam and Mythbusters trivia. Maybe they should have pre-filtered the questions somehow and selected the open-ended ones that can not be answered with a simple anecdote.

  9. As nice as it would be to have a deeper discussion, filtering questions sort of defeats the purpose of a fan-panel like this… where people wait in line for hours and hours to get a shot at asking a question. While its nice that those of us not able to attend get to watch the video, I’m sure Adam would agree that he is doing this panel for those who are willing to put in that sacrifice.

    Maybe an idea for a future Tested video would be to do a multi-person episode of The Talking Room around a specific topic, such as space exploration or science promotion? 🙂

  10. Yeah, I hope they consider doing something like that. Adam is a great moderator/interviewer and having him together with 4 other brilliant minds discussing deeper aspects of the world instead of some more or less rigid topic like movies/spacesuits/etc would be amazing.

  11. Funny thing: I’ve liked Phil Plait since I saw him on “Penn & Teller: Bullshit”, and just found this guy more and more, well, great – and now look, turns out he’s a friend of certified lovely person Adam… isn’t that nice?

    Also, super-props (pun totally intended) for bringing up “The Abyss” at Cmdr. Hadfield’s question – I, too, find it just way more awesome than it gets credit for because of the gripping storytelling. My bawling-like-a-kid moment from that movie, though, is “dont cry baby – knew this was one way ticket but you know I had to come – love you – wife” as Lindsey begs him not to leave her (choking up even just writing about it) – but the whole thing, the whole story, is great, even down to the tragic villain; another gripping moment is when Coffey falls off the drop in the broken sub, and he and Lindsey instinctively reach for each other from within those glass bubbles (which is right after Coffey elbows the radio to pieces, then gives it a double take – talk about mood whiplash)… wonderful movie.

    Also-also, great advice from all of you guys in the end there – totally plays into my own human-centered views (professionally and personally).

    Oh, hey, I had almost the same procedure with the ear thing – had a punctured ear drum, and they patched it up with skin from behind my ear. How ’bout that. Can still wiggle that ear though.

  12. Adam, I don’t know if it would fit into your schedule, but I think you’d enjoy CostumeCon. It moves around the country (depending on which group is hosting that year) — I believe the 2018 CostumeCon will be in California.

  13. I think it is amazing that I can sit here in Australia on a cold winters night and watch something that happened on the other side of the world and see what happened at Comecon. It is just awesome, thank you.

  14. Double post for some odd reason. Edited this to make it different. Wondering how many more sdcc videos and content are left, also wishing I was there in person, hopefully next year.

    agreed, my daughter even got herself a summer job to get to Comic-con within the next two years.including the hotel,stay amazing what some kids will do. I’ve never been myself but sounds awesome emphasis on “awe”

  15. I second the idea of a Talking Room Panel discussion on something like science education or space exploration or even like ‘favorite tools’ or something.

  16. Although I didn’t think it was that big of a secret (but it does surprise me that it’s in Wikipedia), it really surprised me that he actually said it, it wasn’t a “I’m gonna mumble in your ear for comedy effect” kind of thing.

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