Building a Custom Arcade Cabinet, Part 5

We’re getting close! In this fifth episode of our custom arcade cabinet build, Norm and John tackle some mistakes made in the original plywood cutting and then work together to assemble the cabinet frame. The challenge of finding a way to mount the heavy CRT monitor inside the chassis requires some problem solving and precise measurements, but this thing is finally starting to look like a real cocktail cabinet! (This video series was brought to you by Premium memberships on Tested. Learn more about how you can support us by joining the Tested Premium community!)

Shot and Edited by Benito Gonzalez
Music Library provided by Jingle Punks

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34 thoughts on “Building a Custom Arcade Cabinet, Part 5

  1. Yes! They finally have an actual arcade cabinet. It looks great, ! I can’t wait to see it up and running.

    Thanks for helping them out with the construction, John. They couldn’t have done it without your help.. 👍

  2. Put some gravy on dem biscuits.

    The staining still looks so damn dark to me. Maybe the weathering will make a difference.

    The wood seems pretty coarse too, I hope that won’t become problematic after many hours of playing time.

  3. It would be beautiful if you could put some wheels (like fridge wheels) under it to help moving around, and a sheet of glass on top of the monitor, flush. Though it may be a little late for that (and going outside of the scope of the project, etc. etc.)

  4. Half of five-and-five-eights. Oh, boy.

    Metric, (and John)!

    Yup, metric FTW!

    Once again I’m amazed why the imperial system is still in use. Even the most mundane thing turns into a chore…

  5. I think he mentioned in a build-video that they sponsor Mythbusters in some capacity, so perhaps he buys Dewalt in order to easily borrow accessories from M5? 🙂

  6. I thought this was pretty neat. I am 21 and was never into gaming so I had never seen a gaming cabinet before. This was so different than what I was picturing in my head I thought the screen would be upright with standing stations side by side. I hope that they do a video with the guys actually playing on it! I would love to see how it works and some of the games that could be played on there.

  7. It hurts me to see you stained the cabinet before you finished building it. Wasted effort that the interior is finished, all those glue drips that will mess any further finish you apply and trust me it will. Probably the only lesson I ever really learned in wood shop, no stain no finish till all the construction is done and the sanding is finished then you finish the work. Modern glue is probably better than 1980’s glue but stain could also prevent “good” glue adhesion.

    I do enjoy watching the process and progress and really want to see what sorta computer guts you’re going to put in there.

  8. I was surprised you put a giant hole for the power cable. You only need that big a hole if you have to run the entire plug through it; since the door swings, you could have put a much smaller (cable-diameter) notch in the side of either the door or the adjacent side such that you run the plug inside with the door open, push the cable into the notch, and can then close the door.

  9. I was just wondering if cooling is going to be an issue inside an enclosed cabinet like that? And I myself am fine with the camera work. If using a handheld=less expense=more content I’m all for it!

  10. Looks really nice. I love the 70’s style stained wood. I was wondering if you are going to put a glass surface on top of it like a real cocktail machine so you can put your beverage down and also use it as a table while not playing.

  11. You guys definitely need to have John join the Still Untitled podcast for an episode at some point. He just seems like a really interesting guy. I would like to build a project with him.

    Loving this series and learning from it.

  12. I was pretty late coming to giantbomb and had been listening to the bombcast for 6 months. I was devastated when I heard about Ryan.

  13. Any chance there will be a parts list posted for the parts that were purchased for the build? I’d also like to see alternatives for things you scavenged (e.g. the spinner) but that’d be icing on the cake . . . knowing the specific parts y’all acquired for this would be very helpful for putting this together myself.

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