3D Printing on Adam Savage’s Hellboy Glove Project

For Adam’s Hellboy Mecha-Glove project, he collaborated with other makers to fabricate certain components that were too complicated to build alone. Tested’s 3D printing expert Sean Charlesworth visits the Cave to discuss the piece that he produced for Adam and test it for the first time.

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32 thoughts on “3D Printing on Adam Savage’s Hellboy Glove Project

  1. Very cool, and a great movement effect. However, I preferred it when the parts were moving slower and the whole piece seemed to be writhing and organic. When it was going faster I couldn’t see that they were out of sync – the parts were all just bobbing up and down.

  2. Loved every moment of this behind-the-scenes look at this 3D Printed piece of Adam’s Mecha Glove..

    Good job, Sean! 👍

  3. Shows how much work actually goes into 3D-printing. A lot of people think it’s a matter of CAD-ing it up and hitting ‘Go’, but it’s so much more.

  4. When I saw this thing in person and Will explained that it was all 3d printed, it really blew my mind.

    And this video is actually my new favourite Tested video, it shows such a wonderful meeting of skills and enthusiasm. As well as uncut testing and things flying apart!

    Thank you, and )

  5. I don’t make anything in the real world, all of my creations, crude though they may be, are only in virtual space. But I have grown to love Tested so much, for multiple reasons, but it’s things like this that really fascinate. The artistry and problem-solving, and the palpable enthusiasm that emerges from it, is just compelling viewing.

    Great job, everyone!

  6. I was really feeling for Sean when the power was going up — fingers crossed that it wasn’t going to blow apart.

  7. CORRECTION: the printer I used is SLA (Stereolithography) not SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) – I mix up the acronyms all the time. I won’t be releasing the files at this point, maybe down the road, will keep you posted. Thanks for the support! Will be doing write-ups of the build soon!

  8. Great job, Sean! I couldn’t think of a better person to help Adam with this task or a better Inventern project for you! Your final product was absolutely wonderful.

  9. Amazing! Not that that’s a surprise, given who’s doing it. Could you do me a favor, though? Could you make the working base for the glove a little larger? Watching it wobble, not that far from Adam’s elbow, was making me a wee bit nervous.

  10. Awesome work dude! It’s really cool seeing a 3d printed object that’s not static and the fact that it stood up to those speeds even though it looks fragile was impressive.

  11. I wonder why he decided to put Ogdru Jahad on the name plate. Ogdru Jahad is the name of the seven great worms in space that Rasputin is trying to summon, and the glove is used to retrieve Anung un Rama (Hellboy) to that end. The plate would seem to imply that the name of the device was Ogdru Jahad, which it definitely isn’t.

  12. It’s kind of like ‘Brought to you by Ogdru Jahad!’ or ‘another fine Ogdru Jahad product!’

  13. If you’d told me about a 3d printed camshaft at that scale before I saw this footage, I would never have believed it actually worked. That little thing blows my mind.

    I still love the way this thing sounds.

  14. The Mecha Glove is one of the coolest props I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait for the inevitable one-day-build for the carrying case.

  15. Is there any chance that Sean could do a follow up video on his tuning his Makerbot…the 3d print quality looks fantastic!

  16. There may be some confusion there. The black and white version is from the pro printer. It was being shown while discussing the MakerBot prints. The MakerBot print is the gray one specifically seen the in the Will and Adam video. Having said that, I do plan on doing an article on tools and tuning at some point.

  17. Well…I think I’m gonna need to machine one..(I’m a CNC programmer and machinist)

    Just another thing to add to the already enormous list.

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