Adam Incognito at Comic-Con 2014: Alien Spacesuit

Ever year, Adam Savage walks the floor of Comic-Con incognito, hidden in plain view wearing one of his elaborate cosplay costumes. This year, Adam debuts a costume he has been working on for almost a decade: a perfect replica of the environmental space suit from Ridley Scott’s Alien!

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31 thoughts on “Adam Incognito at Comic-Con 2014: Alien Spacesuit

  1. I’m supprised Adam hasent made a NASA inspired water cooled undergarment like the astrunuts use in their space suits…. If you can make one that works well. It could be a great product in the filming indistory

  2. It’s a shame nobody got to really see the detailed underside of that face hugger! Excellent costume~!

  3. Just curious as to why this video was on Youtube last night, but it wasn’t here on the Tested website until just now?

  4. Oh dude. The suit looks incredible. Can’t wait for the more detailed video of this.

    I do have visibility‘ Haha.

  5. Amazing. With so many people on the floor, I wonder how hot a normally clothed person feels at Comic-Con?

  6. I have a friend who made a desert punk out fit. He usually wears it at Sakuracon here in Seattle. He used a car window tinting to tint the faceplate of the helmet. He also put a small computer fan in the mouthpiece to blow air into it. Ended up cutting holes into the back of the helmet where they would be hidden by the hat to help ventilation. He also snaked a small rubber tube in the gap between the square fan housing and the tube so he had a straw to drink from.

    For reference:

    I don’t have a pic of him in costume though.

  7. That is one INCREDIBLY impressive suit. If he doesn’t already, Adam really needs to start taking some cool, high quality photos of these costumes and put them on the site (kind of like how Hot Toys shows off their figures with lots of gorgeous, dramatic photos and cool backdrops, etc).

    Some eerie shots of the Alien suit in the fog with the helmet light shining through would be absolutely awesome to see.

  8. I’m surprised you didn’t wear a hydration backpack. Even a 2L one could have been very slim, could have filled it with water and ice cubes and it would have allowed you to safely keep yourself hydrated. By the looks of the inside of that helmet you lost a lot of water.

    #1 rule when cosplaying. Safety first.

    Aside from that, it’s such a fantastic piece. Was just blown away by the attention to detail. Awesome work 😀

    If you had the face hugger tied a little higher up it might have alleviated the problem of it moving around but I’m guessing that would have obscured Adam’s already limited vision.

    Kudos on one of the best Alien cosplays I’ve ever seen in my life.

  9. I’m supprised Adam hasent made a NASA inspired water cooled undergarment like the astrunuts use in their space suits…. If you can make one that works well. It could be a great product in the filming indistory

    It’s not a technology exclusive to NASA. The McLaren F1 pit crew used to wear overalls with a liquid cooling system a while back, not sure if they still do. Should make the experience a lot more bearable.

  10. I mentioned this over in the Incognito party post, but I’ll post it again here since I thought of it while watching this video yesterday.

    I think something like the CoolShirt System ( would be a good investment for Adam and with the various systems that they have, I’d be certain that Adam could easily conceal/integrate it into his designs. It’s may be same the system that is used in the article that mentioned.

    There’s probably other companies out there that make similar things for auto racing, I just happened to remember that particular one.

  11. Camelbak even has a reservoir that goes around your waist like a belt, with the weight resting on a persons hips. A system like this would have worked great in a large, baggy suit like this one..

  12. It’s not really evident. At the 5:32 mark, I hear someone say “Game Over” so maybe he was identified then but at the 6:00 mark, someone says “Adam Cervantes called” and you hear what sounds like Adam say “Dang it!” And then of course, the guys from Prop Store clearly recognize him but they cover it up by calling him “Jack Johnson” (from 6:09 thru 6:51)

    I checked his twitter feed and that is inconclusive as well! I can’t believe no one was able to find him unless he absolutely had to get out of there or collapse from heat stroke.

  13. okay, the suit is the fucking shit. it’s one kind of joy to see a good reconstruction. it’s another kind of joy to see something so beautifully designed. their intersection, presented like that, in an environment where everyone appreciates this, that’s off the chart.

  14. Virtually all race teams from grassroots to pros use circulated cool suits. Only issue is they generally require a fairly large ice chest to run their coolant through that is typically bolted into the car. Lugging that around in a backpack would suck quite a lot.

    That said, you could use the same concept with a closed loop refrigerant and an evaporator with a small fan. You wouldn’t get the same performance, but you should get a good 10-20 degree drop, which is quite a lot in this soft of application. Similar in concept to the hand-held suit conditioners with the Apollo suits.

    Another good idea would be a ventilator of some sort– moving air around in the suit, even if just the helmet and part of the jacket would go a long way to letting one’s skin operate as designed.

  15. He is saying “Game Over Man” to quote Hudson from Aliens, probably thinking that because of the face hugger.

    If Adam wants the smoke purge you can use one of those aerosol air duster cans, if you run it upside down you get a visible air puff and it’s very safe.

  16. He is saying “Game Over Man” to quote Hudson from Aliens, probably thinking that because of the face hugger.

    If Adam wants the smoke purge you can use one of those aerosol air duster cans, if you run it upside down you get a visible air puff and it’s very safe.

    The contents of an aerosol spray can are NOT safe at all. In some places they card you before you buy them because kids use them as inhalants. Not to mention the liquid itself can cause frostbite when it comes into contact with skin.

  17. He may have been trying to disguise his identity further, since it is relatively well-known to cosplayers who follow Adam’s builds that he’s been working on a Kane suit. He also built two suits (two helmets are visible in videos from the cave) and when having a couple of name-plates made, it’s likely only marginally more expensive to have a dozen made with a few different names.

  18. This costume is the best so far, it looked awesome!

    As for the cool-shirt that Adam wore, they are designed for moderate use and are relatively cheap but there are active cooling vests that you can buy for motorcycle riders to keep cool under and bodysuit and they don’t require external connections (like the F1 drivers do).

    I’m sure in a future iteration of a full-body suit we’ll see Adam do something like that.

  19. The system in the article I linked to was used by the bit crew, with a small backpack used for cooling. So it’s portable and could be implemented in many kinds of the suits Adam has worn.

  20. Yes, the crew suits are self contained– unfortunately they don’t have a very long duration of use. The systems used in race cars are designed to work for hours at a time– the trade-off is weight and volume.

    The elegant solution would be to use a refrigerant of some sort rather than just circulating water through something cold. Lately there have been a number of tiny BLDC refrigerant compressors hitting the market for vending machines and the like– somewhere around 1.5 lbs and ~400 watts of capacity. Aspen and Samsung make a few.

  21. That is extreme dedication, the show floor is incredibly difficult to maneuver and also very hot due to all the bodies. The glass in the helmet fogged up super quickly. I’m glad people were able to see the suit and take pictures, super cool stuff.

  22. That is awesome! Would this work? If you had a bottle of compressed air hidden in the backpack, you could run a tube into the helmet or suit somehow and have a steady stream of fresh and COLD air pumping in. No moving parts and simpler than circulating water.

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