Adam Savage’s Prop Replica Drawings

In the process of building one of his replica props, Adam accumulates an extremely detailed inventory of all the components of that prop, with specifications that match the original as best as possible. Now, Adam has taken up drawing as another outlet for his obsessions, sharing that wealth of knowledge in beautiful sketches and original graphic designs. Find out how you can get one of these art prints here.

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52 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s Prop Replica Drawings

  1. So the prints are for new premium members that is joining now?

    Can existing members get in on this deal?

  2. we’ll be giving existing members a chance to buy the print in the future, after this promotion ends.

  3. That’s my question as well, you guys really have not made this very clear, I’d like to think I’d be eligible as well to get one having paid a couple of months ago

  4. Adam drew that while he was on a flight somewhere? Wow!

    His creativity and ingenuity never ceases to amaze me..

  5. so you’re saying new premium members will get one straight up, other premium members have to pay for it? Is that it?

  6. I think they just mean they aren’t making it available to existing members yet. They said something on the podcast that sounded like existing members might be able to download it and print themselves. I didn’t get the impression they were going to make us pay for it.

  7. Yes. Yes I think my Premium credit will go towards that, when they are available to the existing members. A nice gift idea.

  8. yeah kind of not the impression I got from wills post in the general discussion forum on it though hence my confusion

  9. no sure, but i would imagine, that if when you signed up for a premium membership, if you got a 15 dollar off coupon for the store, you wont be getting the poster.

  10. Maybe we’ll see a print-at-home version of this, Adam has been known to upload high-res artwork before (for example, he uploaded his drawing of the Middle Earth map on the RPF).

    I’ll settle for an option to buy the print in the shop, though… that premium credit has been burning a hole in my pocket for long enough :p

  11. OH MAN so happy that i purchased the premium membership this morning! The print is gorgeous! Definitely going to make a custom frame for it!

  12. As a Mechanical Engineering Technologist who used to teach engineering design, I have to say that hand-sketching is an art form that we have to get back to more. CAD is great and all, but the art of sketching will always give you more of a didactic connection to the work you are doing.

    do you sketch alot? If so, what sort of projects do you sketch for?

    when you designed the computer desk, did you sketch that by hand before moving into CAD?

  13. Wait. “Mostly completed”? What is Adam’s Mecha Glove missing at this point?

    Also, the look on ‘s face when, after using Blackwings for a while, he finds out that Adam’s preferred drawing tool is a cheap yellow plastic Papermate.

  14. Norman, are you having Adam sign these? Also would Adam like to make more of these available as book? This looks like incredible stuff and I think that a book would be a very good way of sharing his methods.

  15. The poster is great. I finally signed up for Premium just to get it. I would like to add that I think Adam’s pencil drawings are awesome and it would be awesome to have prints of that available as well.

  16. Just dug through my inbox to find that code and flag it. Glad I never used it. The print looks amazing.

  17. If you haven’t spent your $15 credit, you’ll be able to use it to buy one of these. If you have, you’ll be able to buy it for $15. The people who are subscribing today don’t get the $15 store coupon.

    Does the $15 include shipping (via USPS for example)?

  18. This looks like a beautiful piece! Will you ship to the UK? (And if so, how much extra would you expect for shipping?)

  19. Going to get this for my future prosthetists-office (Studying now), should go well with the theme of prosthetic hands 😉 Awesome work Adam! I only signed up to support the work the Tested crew brings us, so this is a treat for sure. BTW. I hope that you guys bring some prints to the Comic-Con for the lucky few who gets to join the party. Adam signing his art for the first time….for tested members, would be unfathomably cool.

  20. Wow, that’s some amazing artwork… Like, super cool. Is there anything that man can’t do? >,<

  21. I should have realized that right away! You guys are way too professional to let those kind of errors slip past you – sorry I panicked too soon! 🙂

  22. That is awesome and definitely more enticing than a t-shirt. For how long will the prints be available to new members? Also will you guys ship to outside of the US?

  23. I find it really strange that excisting members dont get the option to get the poster right away. Are old members not as “valuable” as getting new members?

  24. No, the idea of only giving it to new members is a way for Tested to get more premium members. A kind of promotion.

  25. It wouldnt be less of a promotion by giving the old members the same perks as the new members. It just doesnt make any sense to me.

    What about members that became members the day before this “promotion” started. How unfair wouldnt that feel?

  26. Well the people that signed up before this got a 15 dollar coupon (wich is enough to buy the poster when it comes on sale), but the people that signed up to get the poster didnt get the 15 dollar coupon. So its the same really, just that the new members get the poster a bit earlier, wich shouldnt be a big deal 🙂

  27. I was under the impression that new members would get it first and the existing members would have to wait a while. I wasnt concered about the price… or that new members get it for free.

  28. That sounds great. Just a little misunderstanding. It didnt seem like you to “favour” new members over old. Love the site by the way:)

    How can i as an existing member order this?

  29. yaay ! I subscribed today ! Can’t wait to put that poster on wall over my working desk 😀 I’m making special place for it :3

  30. If I bring one of these prints to a meet and greet at the behind the myths tour would you be willing to sign it?

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