Adam Savage’s Everyday Carry (EDC)

You’ve been asking for it, so here it finally is: Adam Savage’s everyday carry. Find out what devices and tools Adam can’t leave home without, and why the items in his pockets might surprise you.

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40 thoughts on “Adam Savage’s Everyday Carry (EDC)

  1. Great video, love the Pulp Fiction reference at the beginning. You guys should do stuff like that more often.

  2. I like that Joker clown mask.

    I also have a Fenix flashlight from years ago. It’s been pretty great. Uses a single AA battery so I got some Eneloops to use with it. It was before flashlights started having all the fancy modes, which I wish I could’ve tried out.

  3. I use a Fenix E05. It’s waterproof and pretty damn durable. Only negative like the one adam has is no on/off button. I’m guessing it has to do with keeping it as small as possible. Only takes one AAA. Totally worth it for 20 bucks though. I use it all the time when I’m walking my dog or need to look for something.

    Another neat little bonus is that there are notches in for the keyring so you can stand it straight up on a table or desk.

  4. That’s a lot of stuff to cram into your pockets. I’ve just got my wallet and my keys, got into the habit of no phone in my old job but I miss the ability to carry my old knife (british laws). It was titanium and ceramic (nothing magnetic near the gear) and I have no idea where it came from so I can’t even replace it, that was a beautifully light knife.

  5. I think I’m the only geek in the world that doesn’t find much use in multitools. For all of its functions, it cannot do any one thing very well. I prefer a good knife and a pair of lineman’s pliers (aka the electricians hammer), especially if they have a crimp jaw.

  6. That’s a really cool phone case. The only I’ve ever seen that looked useful.

    I’m curious if Adam has an IFAK in his vehicle or something. Seems like in his line of work an IFAK would be a good thing to keep around, at the very least when he’s not shooting and doesn’t have EMTs on the scene in case anything goes wrong 😛

    I also totally agree with him on the flashlight preference. I had rubber and recessed end switches. I don’t want a mushy trigger and I don’t want a mushy flashlight.

  7. Adam/Will: What makes Field Notes so good? As a Moleskine-biased person who knows absolutely nothing about Field Notes, the impression I get from the video is that the cover and binding are rather weak.

  8. Ha – awesome, feels pretty cool to see I go around with basically the same gear as Adam.

    Though I do carry a knife, a silver Victorinox officier suisse, I love it because it’s soo thin (7mm), the look, and the finish. I do use it alot and it fits well on my key chain.

    My phone (well I think everybody’s phone) is the greatest tool tho. My new Lumia 920 is my notepad, camera (8.7 mp is Sweet), flashlight, moleskine pad (an official Moleskine App), internet, mp3, price scanner. All phones have those apps tho – but my old iphone 4 I found a stud finder app. But the camera is the greatest notepad, for remembering something, but also putting a small thumbnail sketch on a monitor in no time.

    Then very high quality ear buds are in my pack pocket opposite my wallet. Have large headphones, but just having awesome sound that can be tucked away at a moments notice is awesome.

  9. I had the same tendency to remove my wallet from my back pocket when driving. So when I needed a new wallet a couple of months ago I decided to get one that I could keep in my front pocket. I went to Etsy (thanks to Adam) and found one that works perfectly.

    At first it was disconcerting because I kept thinking I had lost or forgotten my wallet, but no, it had just disappeared into my front pocket. I don’t think I could go back to a rear pocket wallet now.

    Other than that I’ve got my keys, my phone, and that’s it. I roll light I guess.

  10. I wear cargo pants and keep my wallet in one of the cargo pockets. I know everyone thinks this is a fashion no-no, but I don’t care.

    I’m with Will in regards to the USB keychain–Dropbox fills that need now.

    I have a Fenix LD01, but it doesn’t work very well. I don’t think it holds up when you have it in your pocket with all your keys.

  11. I carry a very similar configuration. I need to add a flash light though.

    I added a utilikey I bought from a few years ago and it has been a life saver. The blade is very sharp and you have to get used to opening it. Its great for that “crap I wish I had something sharp” moment.

    Is that TSA-approved?

  12. I have no idea, as i don’t fly that often, but it would take a close look to distinguish it from a regular key.

  13. Great video, I would love to see installments for Will and Norm as well, and possibly updated What’s In Your Bag videos as well.

  14. I have owned a ton of knives and multi tools and this has been my all-time favorite, the Leatherman Squirt PS4. It fits in your pocket or keychain, the pliers, while small are surprisingly strong and useful. Sharp knife and scissors, bottle opener, etc. The blade is only 4cm so should fit TSA standards for allowed blades.

  15. Didn’t the TSA change their regulations concerning pocket knives on March 8th?

    Here’s a chart about the change:

    This would mean small Leathermans are now allowed. I highly recommend the Squirt PS4.

    I’ve carried one (including its predecessor the P4) for around 10 years now, and I’ve used it nearly every single day.

  16. It’s actually the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronometer.

    Which is even more expensive than the one on the Amazon link.

  17. i thought for sure this would be the video where he would mention my explorer’s ring from shapeways (the one on his right hand)…but alas…lol…it’d have to be close to an EDC item…he seems to be wearing it all the time…

  18. Typical EDC where legal, plus a smartphone with camera obviously 🙂

    – Glock 27 (.40 S&W 9+1)

    – 3 feet of Gorilla Tape

    – FourSevens Quark Pro X

    – Rubber bands

    – Spyderco Tenacious

    – Bic Lighter

    – Gerber Suspension Multi-tool

    – Lipbalm

    – Wallet

    – Keychain with keys and nail file/nail clipper

  19. Very cool to see Adam’s minimalist EDC. It makes sense considering how much of his life is spent (I’m assuming) an arms length from a huge range of tools.

    I can’t stand having much stuff in my pockets, so I tend to carry a man-purse. Which tends to get over stuffed with all the crap I use once and a while.

    I think that everyone should carry a small flashlight all of the time. They are so handy on a daily basis, and work so much better than the phone screen.

  20. 6 things to never leave home without: flashlight, keys, lighter, wallet, keys x2, phone, I have never worn a watch; time is only what you make of it.I need a tiny pen

  21. Just curious – does anyone else separate their car key from the rest of their keys like Adam? I’ve got a similar key to Adam, except it’s for an Alfa instead of a Fiat and I just hook on to everything else. Makes it kinda bulky, but if I take it off I’ll get paranoid about losing it.

  22. i can’t answer your question specifically, but i do know that moleskines are really bad with fountain pens, while field notes play a bit better. i carry around a twsbi mini fountain pen so thats important for me

  23. Very similar type stuff to Adam, but condensed into three items. Why fill your pockets with more?

    Wallet (nothing fancy, holds what a wallet holds)

    Keys (same RBF streamer!) with mini Swiss Army knife. Scissors, blade, flat screwdriver, extras are a pen and red LED. Smaller than the flashlight Adam has (but I don’t use the light because…)

    Smartphone. Swiss Army Knife of software. Flashlight app is plenty bright and I can almost unlock my phone and turn it on without looking. Simple Notepad app does everything I need for “paper”. If I need to physically write, I have the pen and my “palm pilot” 😉 Plus a hundred other apps. Case is a thin rubber/plastic one that cost $5 and has saved my phone from every scrape, dent, cut and drop for 2 years.

  24. Incredible. I almost have the same EDC. Same iPhone case (but I opted for the BlackOps version). Same pen (but I prefer the gold one with grooves, find it easier to write) for the flashlight, I’m currently using the 5.11 Tactical ATAC PL, super bright, one AAA, on/off button and clip. Plus my keychain has a Lightsaber flashlight. I do carry a tool in my keys, it even looks like a key, the SwissKey 6-1 (when traveling) all wrapped in a Keyport (with 32gb flash drive and led light). When not traveling, I choose an old Spyderco. For the watch, I switch between MTM Black Hawk (rechargeable) or the new Casio G-Shock Bluetooth, especially when traveling in not-so-safe countries, since I don’t have to pull my phone out to see notifications. I don’t carry the wallet in the back, currently trying a new one. When local, I add a Walther PPK .380ACP. The remove before flight tag I have it my 5.11 MOAB 10 bag.

    Awesome stuff guys. We need more like this.

  25. 1. Tri-fold leather wallet.

    2. Pocket knife.

    3. iPhone. No case.

    4. Keychain: Keys, glasses cleaner and Etymotic ear plugs (which I wear at loud restaurants and at movies).

  26. I don’t get the flash drive with a cap which you can and will lose. This is much better, had it on my keys for months now (it can support a lot of keys – you’ll probably break the pc socket before this thing). Also, bling.

  27. Typical EDC where legal, plus a smartphone with camera obviously 🙂

    – Glock 27 (.40 S&W 9+1)

    I didn’t realise Americans actually walk around with guns. I kinda figured that they’d be stored in the house as a home security thing. It seems like a pain in the ass to carry around that big lump of metal all day.

  28. Watching this was spooky since it’s almost exactly the same as me. iPhone in my right pocket with nothing else. Key’s with USB drive in left pocket with any change I might have. Separate car key from my house keys. Space pen and Field Notes note book. I even have a special edition Paul Smith wallet (same wallet but different picture on it) bought for me by my brother as a wedding favor. I always wear a watch and Adam’s is the watch I have always wanted however since I haven’t managed to renegotiate a Myth Busters contract yet, that is still on my to purchase list 😉

  29. I feel naked without a Victorinox. I like Leatherman and have a few and have them in a smaller tool bag or when I’m expecting some work (relatives who are bound to ask me to put something together or take something apart). But day to day Victorinox (preferably one with scissors and phillips instead of corkscrew). Hopefully TSA really will allow me to carry where ever again.

  30. I realize this is trivial, and lacks the full capabilities of Field Notes, but after half a century of trying to find the ubiquitous recording device that suited me I ended up with a sheet or two of 8.5 x 11 paper folded in half lengthwise and accordion folded into quarters the other way. Not only for the back pocket it works well in a dress shirt pocket. You can grab one from the recycle bin at the office or print your one-sheet PIM on the back, grab different colors for different purposes, …

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