Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: The Tool Boxes

Adam Savage shows off one of the most important parts of his workshop: his tool boxes. Learn why Adam takes so much pride in how he sorts and stores the screws, nuts, washers, bearings, and other parts he uses for his build projects. Organization is beautiful!

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26 thoughts on “Inside Adam Savage’s Cave: The Tool Boxes

  1. This workshop/man cave just keeps getting better and better. I’d like one of those units for Lego.

  2. OCD!! Man he’s so organized.

    [mental disorder nitpick mode ON]

    There is a difference between obsessive compulsive disorder and fastidious neatness. The way OCD gets used in casual parlance is actually closer to something along the lines of tendencies shown by people on the autism spectrum.

    [mental disorder nitpick mode OFF]


  3. The more I see of his man cave the more amazed I am. A most excellent organisation system he’s got in place there.

    “If I need a screw, I know who to call.” – Will Smith, 2012

    lol knew someone had to of picked up on that line 😀

  4. Yep, I saw that too. Next year at Comicon, Adam should go in that, not a Gordon Freeman H.E.V suit.

  5. “If I need a screw, I know who to call.” – Will Smith, 2012


    Once again, great video! These new Tested videos make me feel all jolly inside. Don’t know why?

  6. 2 things:

    1) I LOVE how Adam has picked up on the quick intros and stopped using his full name. He seems totally at ease, way to go Adam!

    B) Was that an Iron Man mark 1 armor chest piece (the one Tony makes in the cave) on the ground to stage left/audience right of the sorting boxes?

  7. I’d very much like it if he talked, at length, about his two scissor-lift toolboxes that he made and what sort of thought and organization went into where all the tools are placed.

  8. Where can one buy these in the US? I’ve only found the Bosch branded i-Boxxes which lack all the nice features of the T-Boxx set.

  9. I thought the same thing you did about getting the Harbor Freight boxes…and I did it!! I also created the stack for them too. Thought you might like to see the results.

  10. – my dimensions were strictly built off the dimensions of the box themselves so I don’t remember the exact LxWxH dimensions. I will say a couple of things to note…

    1. It was constructed with 3/4″ Birch Plywood all the way around
    2. The front face frame is made of ripped down 1×4 oak (1″ strips) and it overhangs the plywood sides by 1/4″
    3. I gave the bins about 1/4″ clearance on both sides of the box to ensure I could get it in and out easily
    4. The slides are just ripped down 3/4″ plywood and are about 1.5″ wide to give proper support to the boxes and glued/screwed in from the side (you could use pocket holes to attach)
    5. The slides are also put in at a 10-15* angle to assist in removal of the boxes
    6. The front lips on the slides are also ripped down 1″ oak strips; gives just enough lip to hold the box in without making it hard to remove
    7. Finally…the big box slides are spaced 6″ apart and the small/medium box slides are spaced 4″ apart (double check my measurements)

    I hope this information helps and best of luck with your project!

  11. Another alternative that I have is made by Raaco. Easy to get in the UK (farnell) and the you can get ESD safe boxes which are great for electronics.

  12. about two years ago i saw this video and loved it big time. i have all my parts stacked away in the most annoying kind of little drawers that had to be secured when i move to a new house or else everything would fall out. i searched for many cheaper alternatives but these sortimo cases have the best quality for you money (in holland about 50 euro’s each). so i decides that i want these and this week i bought my first. hopefully i can buy one every mont so that i can spread the expense over a year and a half. also im gonna build a cabinet like the one adam has. btw which one is it he has? i cant find the type he has anywhere. all i can find is one that holds four t boxxes

  13. Inspired by Adam his shop I have started building my own Tiny workshop. I have also learnt about the sortimo boxes through video’s and have made my own storage system for sorting boxes. I have stared filming my endeavors and putting them on Youtube check them out if you want:

    A big thanks to Tested for inspiring me and many with me!

  14. I’m starting a system. no lose boxes inside. But I like the idear of the boxes.b I have to make de cabinet myself. Anny tips.

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