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    Jamie Hyneman's Thoughts on Designing and Making with CAD

    In this new semi-regular series, Jamie tackles questions from Tested readers and viewers about various topics of interest. And to kick things off, Jamie stops by the Tested office to have a chat about a technology he's been using a lot lately: computer-aided design.

    Jamie Hyneman On Welding in His Workshop

    The high shelves lining the walls of Jamie's workshop hold storage bins with build materials for every possible occasion, but the shelves themselves are fascinating as well. Jamie talks about how he designed and built these shelves himself--not with woodwork, but with welding.

    Jamie Hyneman's Electric Outboard Boat Motor

    Jamie shows Will his latest project: a hybrid electric outboard motor that he put together to replace the traditional loud gas motor of a speedboat. Jamie explains the advantages of this motor system and how its custom power supply compares to that in hybrid and electric cars.